Mostly all the smart phone users will be having whatsapp in your mobile to keep in touch with your contacts, you may noticed that “last seen with time in your friends whatsapp message thread” ex: last seen 13:45. This may noticed by someone and raising a question till in whatsapp?? what you are doing ?? , this can be hided from your profile by following simple steps, the steps may vary for each mobile operating system (ios, windows and android). No last seen option  is available on tools to hide this message but you can do it in simple steps and supporting apps for whatsapp.

For IOS:

# Reach WhatsApp, and find option -> ‘Settings’.

# Then go to ‘Advanced’ in whatsapp .

# close the option ‘Last Seen Timestamp’.


this process will work for IOS users to hide whatsapp last seen from their account. this is much useful try this method and escape from your friends.


For Android:

There is no settings for Android as like IOS device has,  the android device users must use an another application to  overcome this method as per this application is not available on google play  store officially, so keep in mind that this is not official method for whatsapp Android holder. Download link here to download from App box.

Download the application from app box and install them in  your android device and find for these process. In the application you may appeared with tree options # Block last seen , # Block seen @ boot phone , #Always recover Wifi. By using using these three options you can hide last seen message from whatsapp. The process of this app is , it turns off your Wifi connection and turn on automatically when you close whatsapp and re launch it while you open them.


Close the check box “block last seen” in your application to block last seen message from your whatsapp, If it doesn’t work properly choose an option “block last seen at boot phone” while every time your mobile is booted the last message will get hide form your account. To make your wifi connection as automatic process, choose the last process “Always recover Wifi” and save them in your app. While you proceed with these process, the notification will be appeared in your notification bar about changing of your wifi process. You can even configure them just by tapping on it.

or you can perform these process

# Disable(off) your phone WiFi signal receiver in settings part or data connection in your phone.
# Open your  WhatsApp in your mobile,  Read messages threads if any on your contact or even  Send messages in offline mode
# Now Close your WhatsApp Application and Enable WiFi receiver  or data connection. you can hide last seen from your whatsapp.

For Windows and Blackberry:

The Trick and application to hide “last seen” message on windows and Blackberry is not yet to the market till now, if so released or updated we let know through commentary box and share your trick for whatsapp in our commentary box.

Here is the tutorial from youtube uploaded by Caprion Yapper to hide whatsapp last seen message.

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