We Have many Tricks and tips (how to have whatsapp life , pattern for whatsapp) in Techmaza. This post will be also included in whatsapp category of techmaza. This post is all about how to hide last seen without any external application like (Hide WhatsApp last seenWhatsApp Last Seen Blocker ) in whatsapp.  There is some trick on whatsapp default to hide last seen,  hide my profile picture, hide my status with the list of options everyone, only my contacts and nobody.

how to hide whatsapp last seen without any external 3rd party application in your android mobile..

Applications to hide whatsapp last seen for android (3rd party applications):

# Hide WhatsApp last seen:

This is Spanish Application to hide your last seen in whatsapp. This leads to no one can see and hide you  after your conversation this application will take care off all. No one can find your last seen when you are texting in class unknowing to advisers. Download this App (” Hide Whatsapp Last seen “) from here.

# WhatsApp Last seen hider:

This is app like as all other WhatsApp blocker nothing special in it. All the whatsapp last seen blocker the procss will be the same only thing is, the logo and structure, space, popularity differs in it. While choosing the whatsapp blocker choose the right one which fits your list of parameters. Download this App (” WhatsApp Last seen hider “) from here.

How to hide last seen on whats app without any extra applications:

Step 1: Launch whatsapp in your mobile(android).

Step 2: Go for setting in whatsapp and choose Accounts-> Privacy options in it.

Step 3: There will be list of three option in privacy Last seen, Profile photo and Status to show it everyone, only for contacts and nobody.

Step 4:  Choose Last seen section as default is will show to everyone. Change them to Nobody to hide the last seen in your whatsapp.

If your did not share your last seen. You wont be able to see last seen of your  contacts also. You will be seeing message like “if you dont share your last seen,you wint be able to see other people’s last seen”. 

This is simple method to hide whatsapp last seen without any third party applications to be installed in your android device just to hide whatsapp last seen. By not using the third party application leads to minimization of space in your mobile. In case of any other tricks you can discus wit us in comments.

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