Techmaza is already providing with many solution based stuff related to technology to use in day to day life style to make technology to be used better. Here this post is for iPhone lovers, to maintain their battery life for a whole day without power bank.  If you are seeking for it here is a solutions towards maintaining the battery life for a whole day.  Here are some methods and tips to follow to maintain battery life in your iPhone.

Method 1: Latest Operating System Updation:

Update to latest version of operating system to your phone. To know how to update your phone, here is a solution in “Apple page – update your iphone to latest version“. In each update by Apple, there will be an some solution to conserve energy.

Method 2: Avoid Ambient Temperature:

keep avoid your phone ambient temperature, the device is made up to withstand range between 16° to 22° C (62° to 72° F) this is ideal comfort zone. It is especially to avoid temperature crossing above 35° C (95° F) which can affect the battery capacity. Avoid to do charge in these extreme temperatures it may affect the battery capacity and phone performance. As said in apple page- “When using your device in a very cold environment, you may notice a decrease in battery life, but this condition is temporary. Once the battery’s temperature returns to its normal operating range, its performance will return to normal as well.”Maintian iphone  - battery charging - maximize the performance of phone - techmaza

Method 3: Iphone case Problems:

Some cases(cover) for phones will generate heat in your phone while charging, find that those cases and must be removed while charging. Don’t use such cases to while charging your phone, remove it before when you put on charge to your phone and make sure that cover of magnetic charging case is off. Try to use cases as good as possible, better Apple accessories store to buy cases which doesn’t make any harm to your device.

apple cases which generate heat to your device

Method 4: Battery Usage problem:

The ios is with version 8 has energy efficient battery life ever in all apple devices and it give control system for managing your battery. The control system in battery indicates the usage of battery functionality for each app. To view your usage, go to Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage. Make terminated which the app id doesn’t want to run at background (manually). For Mailing Application activity which is running at background make the interval longer to sync from mail server. Do it manually. Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data, this will increase the batter life for sure. Feel difference after this setting.

Method 5: Location Services:

Make sure that you Background Location is been switched off. It will grasp your battery power or other wise can redistrict access only to specific apps to access Location @ background. If you wan tot alter go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and for each particular app can use on/off switch.

Method 6: No Cell Coverage and Low Signal:

 This indicates that either you are in a poor cellular coverage area and your iOS device is searching for a better signal, or that you’ve used your device in low-signal conditions, which has affected your battery life. Can optimise your battery life by turning on Aeroplane mode. Swipe up to open Control Centre and tap the Aeroplane mode icon. Note that you cannot make or receive calls while in Aeroplane mode.

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Method 7: Plugin and play:

Make sure that while charging your iPhone connected to laptop, the laptop must be connected to charger, if you leftover when laptop goes to sleep the battery will drain in iPhone and then will bring power of battery to zero.  Make sure that laptop is connected to charger of no sleep case while charging your iphone with laptop. Note that iPhone 3G and iPhone 3Gs cannot be charged with a FireWire power adapter or FireWire-based car charger.

Hope so that these things will be really helpful for all apple iphone lovers to maintain their battery life if they stuck somewhere else or can be done default whose who need of full day battery.

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