How to Mastering in Apple Message Tips

How to Mastering in Apple Message Tips, Have you ever wondered seeing another person doing stuffs that are cool and amazing? The shortcuts they follow, they tricks they use make us go mad and sometimes even frustrated. They will challenge us everywhere. They used to be fast in all the works they do and look cool in a crowd. It is all because they know the Apple messaging tips. Ever wanted to be that someone? You will know some tips and tricks that can be done with your iphone.

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I am really sure that you are going to rock among your friends after knowing Apple Message Tips.


Top 15 Apple Message Tips


Apple Message Tips #1 : Share Your Location

Location sharing can be done within a fraction of second. The time when you message you might have noticed an (ibutton). Tap on it, which at the top of any messaging conversation. Thus, they can reach you on time. This is also a safety tool for girls. Just a tap, you are all safe. These Apple messaging tips look for your safety.

Once you touch the ibutton, you’ll be given a list “send my current location” and “share my location”. You have to click on “Send my current location” or you can use Google map to send your accurate location from your application draw.


Share your location - Apple Message


Apple Message Tips  #2 : Volume for Messages

This is one of the coolest Apple message tips as it is very unique. Whatever it is – you can never match a live conversation. There are messaging facilities. There is video calling. Still, can that match a face to face conversation? Yet, the new feature helps us to give volume. Tap and hold on the send icon, then make your choice of loudness or quietness from the subsequent screen.

The available options are gentle, loud, and slam. Plus, there’s an invisible ink option that means the recipient has to rub to reveal the text. Alternatively, switch to the Screen tab, and you can add some animated effects including balloons, confetti, and fireworks.

 Volume for Messages - Apple Message Tips


Apple message Tips #3 : GIFs (Suggested or own)

GIF was a great hit when introduced. It was used by everybody at least once. Tap the arrow to the left of the text entry field, then the app store icon, then the app tray icon in the lower left corner. Choose the #images option to start looking for an appropriate GIF. You have a lot of suggestions and even you can search and select for own. This is a great Apple message tips that can be shared and shows you cool.


GIF Images - Apple Message Tips


Apple message Tips #4 : Digital Touch

This Apple message tip was initially introduced in Apple watch. It was appreciated widely. You can find this option which is in a heart shape. It can also reach the users, even those who do not have an Apple phone. Draw out a sketch or send a preset image and a video as well. These Apple message tips show the power of digitization.


Digital Touch - Apple Message Tips



Apple Message Tips #5 : Stickers

Have you ever been to the Apple Sticker store? You have a great number of stickers that can match up with all in your life.  Tap the app store icon by the text entry field, then the app drawer icon (lower left), then the Store link to get started. Apple message tips exclusively for stickers.

Stickers for Messages


Apple Message Tips #6 : Get Rid of Emoji Confusion

You would have definitely come across this situation. You might have typed your message perfectly but will not be sure on what emoji to add. Sometimes you would feel that nothing is suiting your message and some other times you will think that all are relevant to your message. To fix this confusing situation, this apple message tip called as emoji suggestion will help you throughout. So tap the emoji button on the keyboard to see suggestions appear in yellow. No more confusion, with these Apple message tips.

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Apple Message Tips #7 : Tell Bye to Unknown Contacts

On the front page of the messages, you can find two headings “Contacts and SMS” and “Unknown senders”. If you don’t want any message from unknown contact or you want that to be separate from the contacts of your list, you have to go to the settings can click on to (look for the Filter Unknown Senders switch). You work would have done by now. Bid adieu with this Apple message tips.


Block Unknown Contacts on your Apple Message


Apple Message Tips #8 : Messages Handwritten

Anything that seems original is not always original. Everyone is happy with something that is natural. Thus, handwritten messages are always cool. You can do this from the Messages window, tap to compose a response then turn your Apple phone around so you’re in landscape mode. A new handwriting button appears in the lower right corner. These Apple message tips are for you to personalize your messages.


Hand Written Apple Message


Apple Message Tips #9 : Quick Messages

If you have thousands of friends, you’ll end up quarreling some or the other day for texting soon. They would think that you are bored; you are not interested and even angry. To get rid of all this, try to know how to be quick enough with your messages. Apple message tips are now for you to be quick.

You can find an option called ‘tapback’, a quick pictorial response you can fall back on when you don’t have the time to type something out or aren’t feeling eloquent enough. Press and hold on a message to send a tapback.


Apple Message Tips #10 : Make Your Own Control Center

If you don’t like the default choices it’s simple to customize Control Center to your liking: go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls and you can add and remove items or rearrange the order in which they appear.


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Apple Message Tips #11 : Color Your Messaging as per your Mood

Enter your settings and follow the flow. Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Invert Colors and switch on Smart Invert. Apple message tips are for colors. This  Color your messages as you feel with a lot of available options.


Apple Message Tips #12 : Don’t talk to siri anymore, text it

You can never always talk to Siri. You can do the necessary changes in the settings and type your desires to it. It will do the needful as usual. Apple message tips allow you to type than to talk If you go into Settings > General > Accessibility > Siri and enable Type To Siri, long-pressing on the Home button brings up the keyboard.



Apple Message Tips #13 : Have More Space

Apple message tips can give you space. There are two ways of doing it. You can delete the apps but still have its memories. When you want to use them again you just reinstall and they pick up from where you left off. That option’s in the iCloud storage bit of Settings.

In addition, you can free up storage by enabling iCloud sync for Messages in Settings > Messages > Messages on iCloud and by deleting message attachments from the same page.


Apple Message Tips #14 : Share your Music

Have you ever been to the Apple Music on message? You have an Apple music integration in your message – open the application draw and click music icon in the list and share it with your friends.


Share your Music on Apple Message


Apple Message Tips #15 : Share Youtube Link

Do you know to share YouTube Link on Apple Message? it will be very easy to share your video to your friends  – if you are YouTube creator. Launch Youtube on application draw -> search for videos -> share it with your friends and increase the visibility.


Share Youtube link on message


Bonus: #Scan and Send the Document from Apple Message

Do you wonder – how to do this? Install Scanbot from app store – you can access scanbot from your apple message drawer. Launch it Scan the document from your mobile camera crop it and send as pdf.

To make yourself quick and efficient, style and cool, smart and dandy use all these tried and tested Apple message tips.

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