How to Mastering in Apple Watch Tips

Today’s discussion will be on Apple watch tips. Apple watches! Why are they so cool? It is cool because they have a very good finish. It stands out from the other watches. But you cannot think only about this. They have a lot more features that can make you be and feel cool and smart and efficient.

The below mentioned Apple watch tips make your work simple. It makes your work be finished in no time.

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List of Apple Watch Tips:

How to have a Sleep Tracker on Apple Watch?

You have a sleep tracker in your watch that can tell whether you had sufficient sleep and were that really enough with the work done previously and make you fit for the following day. Initially there were other apps that supported this feature. But now you can have this within your watch. Apple watch tips for sleep is only short of a lullaby.

How to Watch Time Without Raising you Wrist? 

Apple watch tips save time now. You can see the time from your watch without even raising your wrist. You have to slowly twist the digital crown upwards. This will brighten the screen slowly. Instead of bringing the full light, it gives you a little light that is enough to see the time.

How to Clear all Notification on your Apple Watch?

Now you can wipe out all the notifications that have the superpower to annoy you. If you’re overburdened by notifications you can wipe your recent history by swiping down from the top of your screen to access a chronological list. Once displayed, you can banish them all by long pressing the screen then tapping Clear All.

How to Control Music?

Apple watch tips include music control feature.You can control the music playback on the Apple HomePod and iPhone straight from the Watch. With many users enjoying the control, though, and the HomePod launching, users are now once again able to select tunes, alter volume and skip all from the wrist.

How to take Screenshot on Apple Watch?

I have never thought of these Apple watch tips. I thought it would be only available on the phone. In all the Apple watches you can take screenshots. You have to hold down the Digital crown and the Action button at the same time. This will take a screenshot and save your photos on the iPhone. You have to enable this by going to the watch companion app and then go to General.

How to Open your iPhone with Apple watch?

If you didn’t do this in the initial setup process, you can still unlock your Apple Watch and iPhone at the same time without having to hammer in a pass code. To do this, go to the Watch companion app, where you can toggle the Unlock with iPhone feature on or off. You need to be wearing the Watch for this feature to work, though.

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How to Watch your Workout on Apple Watch?

Apple watch tips include Workout feature. Watch monitors your workout. But who monitors watch? You will use your sweaty fingers make your watch sick. To avoid this now can just tap on it lightly on it when you go from one exercise to another. By doing this, you can monitor each one of your exercises and your count of exercise the number of calories burnt.

Check the data!

You can check the data used by going to the companion app, checking in on the cellular menu option to see the information. Once you do, however, you’ll find out how much data you’ve used in the current period and which apps are using that data. The most valuable thing on earth that is data can now be saved using Apple watch tips.

How to Check the Heartbeat on Apple Watch?

Apple watch tips track your heartbeat. You can check your heartbeat using the Wrist raise feature. In the Apple Watch settings menu, turn on the Wrist Raise feature. Below, you’ll have a couple options under ‘On Screen Raise Show Last App’. You can choose to show the last app while you’re in session, within two minutes of last use, within one hour of last use, or always. Now, when you raise your wrist you’ll see the last app you were using.

You can also do it from within the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Just go to General and then Wake Screen, you’ll have the same couple options to choose from. Listen to your heart using Apple watch.

Apple Pay Cash

You can pay money to anybody using this Apple cask feature. If you’ve got a debit card linked to your Apple Pay account, all you have to do is head to Settings on your phone, then ‘Wallet & Apple Pay’ then ‘Apple Pay Cash.’ You have to just agree to the terms and conditions and it is all done.

Apple Watch Tips – Include Apple Stock Apps

Apple watch tips include Apple Stock apps. Business people have a great time working on it. But for others! Do you really use the stocks app? I don’t in fact. Why as a waste of memory? We can delete it. Apple added the ability to remove stock apps from your iPhone. Lucky for you, deleting those stock apps also removes them from your Apple Watch.

How to tap to Male Mickey Speak?

If you are really down and want to hear and watch something cute and warm, you have to click on Tap to speak to see Mickey Mouse handle your mood.

Hope these tips – make you happy and use your Apple Watch effectively and if you come across any tips on Apple Watch please share it with us on Comments, we will be glad to have it.


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