How to Mine Cardano on Your Windows Desktop / Laptop

This minute is for the discussion on how to Mine Cardano. In the line of Bitcoin, Ethereneum, Electroneum and Tron, Ada also steps into the world of digital currency and paves a way to Mine Cardano. Cardano is also known as the Ethereum Killer. Cardano is a technological firm. It offers Ada which is a cryto- currency.  It is a decentralized public blockchain and an open- source crpto- currency.

Cardano is from Switzerland. It is the first Block- chain based platform. This approach makes the currency flexible, scale-able and secure. It is used to send and receive digital funds. It also helps in quick and direct transfers. It is secure because of Crytography. Cardano payments are published on a public block chain, but the sender, recipient, and amount of a transaction remain private.

Steps to Mine Cardano:

STEP 1: You have to go to the Daedalus wallet. You can see a Download button. This is the most secure wallet.

Mine Cardano on Your Windows Desktop


STEP 2: You can see all the operating systems. You have to choose the operating system in which your computer works to Mine Cardano. A file will download. Now, click on it to open and choose install.

Mine Cardano on Your Windows Desktop

STEP 3: After the completion of Installation, click “close”. Now go the Desktop. You can see the wallet is connected.

STEP 4: You have created a wallet and a back up to Mine Cardano. In your wallet, you can see an option called “Create”. Now name your wallet. You have to now click on the blue button below.

Mine Cardano on Your Windows Desktop and Laptop - Add Wallet

STEP 5: Now you have to create a back- up for your wallet to Mine Cardanot. This will help you to access your wallet from any other device. Read the instructions and accept the terms.

STEP 6: You can see a pop- up. It will show the Recovery Phase. It contains 12 words. Please copy it and save it somewhere safe. You will not get those 12 words anywhere again. It has to be kept very secure, as anybody who has the recovery phase, they can claim your money.

How to Mine Cardano - Recovery Phrase

STEP 7: You can also verify whether you have completed this important phase. Click on to the words of the recovery phase and hit on “confirm”. You can now see your empty wallet opened.

Mine Cardano:

Your operating system has to be friendly to Ada. Your mining is successful to a large extent if you use ASIC. You can also Mine Cardano with GPU. You can know the profit you generate, if you check your hash rate. The level of your hash rate depends on how much computing power you are providing for mining new blocks.f

Let me make it clear to you on what is  ASIC and Hashrate.  ASIC is a machine that is a made up of chips, mother board and a cooling pad.  They are specially made to solve problems to Mine Cardano. They have to run 24 hours to solve the problems at times.

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A hash rate is basically a scale of how many guesses for the puzzle your mining setup can make in a given amount of time. There is something called as The Proof- of – Stake. It is the pool of validators. Validators are the participants.

Any block of the participant can be chosen randomly to invest money. The higher the money deposit in the block, the higher the chance of validating the block and later on receiving the transaction fees. This is how to Mine Cardano.

Where to Buy and Store Cardano:

Obviously, you have to check for the best prices to buy Cardano. After you choose to buy coins you have to know which wallet supports the coin, which another currency gives the best price etc. You can check these in the


 Mine Cardano on Coin Clarity


In the coinclarity, you can see a search tab. Type the name of the currency you are interested in. You can see the wallets it supports and the other currencies that are ready to have an exchange with. Create the wallet with the steps shown above and click on to “Receive” in your wallet to get paid to your address. You can the Wallet Address. You have to send it to get your coins.


Cardano - Private and Public Key - wallet address


You can always set up a new address by giving in a password. So now to send the address copy the address by clicking on to the option “copy address”.

Now click on to the “Send”. Give in the information and click next. Your transaction is done.

Cardano is growing has a great power. You can understand this fact if you know that Cardano has launched the M-Pesa payment system back in 2007 in Africa, a moment that was crucial for the region as mobile phones have a boom in the industry, and through M-Pesa African citizens can easily deploy payments through their phones to several places around the world.

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