How to Mine Ethereum on Windows Desktop/ Laptop

How to Mine Ethereum on Windows?


We are going to know how to Mine Ethereum on Windows. Ethereum has come to replace third parties who help us to store our data and demands money for it. They actually help us. But the question is on security? We have our personal data, official files and many more. Are all these data safe? So now, Internet is centralized. The solution for a better secured storage system is a decentralized mechanism.

The goal of Ethereum is to be the Biggest Computer on earth to store all data in it. Something like Block chain, it creates nodes and run by volunteers around the world. The idea is that one entity will no longer have control over your notes and that no one could suddenly ban the app itself, temporarily taking all of your notebooks offline. Only the user can make changes, not any other entity.

Thus, every time you make a change, the entire nodes in the network change. So be in peace. All of your data is safe!

Steps to Mine Ethereum on Windows:

#Step 1: To Mine Ethereum on Windows is to enter MyEtherWallet. Using MyEtherWallet create your own wallet. You have to create your own password. Make sure you have strong password and do not forget it.  You should have your password in a strong way with character, number and special characters.


Mine Ethereum on Windows Using MyEther Wallet - create password


And yes! Open a New Folder and name it as your wish to have all required files saved in one place that is needed to Mine Ethereum on Windows. Thus, all you copy and all the files you download, make sure you have it in this folder.

#Step 2: You will find a blue button. On the blue button you can see “Download Keystore file (UTC / JSON). You have to click on to download the file. The second step is one of the most important steps to Mine Ethereum on Windows. Now find the downloaded file and place it somewhere you can access it very easily and this is very important it works as a secret key – and you need it where ever MyEtherWallet asked for.


Mine Ethereum on Windows Using MyEther Wallet - keystore file


#Step 3: To Mine Ethereum on Windows is, you have to click on the red color button. On the red button you can see “I Understand, Continue” – By doing this you accept all the terms and conditions by MyEtherWallet. You can see the Private Key on the screen. You have to copy and save the Private Key and place it an easily accessible and also a very safe place as we discssed above. Below the Private Key, you can see a blue button named as Print Paper Wallet. So you can either copy the private key and paste it safe or make a print out of it. This is very important because – this is you virtual wallet address to store your mined Ethereum on this wallet with mapped ID.

Mine Ethereum on Windows Using MyEther Wallet - wallet

It will appear as a code. It will contain your Address and Private Key. If you scroll further down you can see an ash button. It will be named as “Save Your Address”.

#Step 4: Click on the Keystore / JSON File to Mine Ethereum on Windows. You can find it in the list in the seventh place.  Make sure you check it and now click on the SELECT WALLET FILE. It will appear as an ash color button. A dialogue box will appear that will ask you to upload the file that you downloaded earlier. (FILE UTS / JSON)

Mine Ethereum on Windows Using MyEther Wallet - Save your private key


#Step 5: Upload the file which was saved by you earlier. Now you have to enter the password of the wallet right below the ask button and click on “Unlock”. After you unlock you can see your actual wallet. You can find the Account Address, Account Balance, Transaction address and Private Key. You have to copy your Account Address and keep it safe.


Mine Ethereum on Windows Using MyEther Wallet - Unlock your wallet to see your address


Mine Ethereum on Windows

#Step 6: Mine Ethereum on Windows would be to download the Mining Software. It is called as Claymore’s Dual Ethereum. And yes! Do not close the wallet page. You have to get back there. You can find a lot of links. You have to right click on to the link that is in the second last position. You’ll see a list of three. Now click on “Download” and then on Standard “Download”. Now extract the downloaded file and place it in the folder you created.

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#Step 7: Join a Mining Pool. It is called as Nanopool. Go ahead and click on to the “Ethereum” from the list. It stands as the first one in orange color. A dialogue box will appear. You have to click on “Generate your configuration”. Another dialogue will pop up.


Nanoppol - Mine Ethereum


#Step 8: To Mine Ethereum on Windows is to select your operating system which is Windows. Next select the GPU Vendor. Know what you really use and go for it. Enter the Worker name. It can be of your choice. Then enter your mail ID, the place of your main server, first algorithm should be Ethereum and then your account address. You remember! You have copied and placed it safe. Or you can go to your wallet and copy the account address. In the place of first algorithm address, paste the account address. In the place of second algorithm, go for none. The final step is to click on Generate.

Mine Ethereum on your Windows


We have successfully completed filling the dialogue box.  Another file will download. You have to extract it and keep it safe in your folder.  Find your folder and paste the file in the Claymore’s Dual Ethereum. If it asks you to replace all the files, click on to “Yes to all”. If you click “No” your settings will not be saved and the miner will not work. So make sure you click on “Yes to all” to Mine Ethereum on Windows.

Now open your folder to double click the Claymore’s Dual Ethereum to Mine Ethereum on Windows. Go all the way down to find ‘start.bat’. Your miner will start now. Windows may ask you to permit your system. So, click on to “Allow access”. The program will start running and you will find “Share accepted” in green color.

Mining process of Ethereum on Windows

Please understand that only when all the steps are done perfectly your system will mine. Never deviate from the instructions. If you get something wrong, go to the previous and check whether all went as per the instruction.

Now to know whether your system is actually mining, go to the Nanopool and in the Box of Ethereum, click on overview. See to your top right, you can find a Search bar. Enter your Account Address to know the statistics of your transaction. It shows the balance of your mining and the speed of your mining. Glad telling the way to Mine Ethereum on Windows.


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