How to Open .MKV, .APE, .AVI, .RMVB and .SWF files on iphone

Few files cannot be accessed or opened on iphone/iOS, here comes the trick to access these common files on your iphone. Here my own experiences speak to access .MK, .APE, .AVI, .RMVB and .SWF files to iOS. There are tons of videos flooded on Youtube about this trick but i haven’t heard the easy way of doing it there are just rounding apart.

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If you are using the latest version of iPhones like iphone 8 &  iphone X good news for you will soon in-house application to open these extensions.

The best way to open .MKV, .APE, .AVI, .RMVB and .SWF files for your iphones!

Download and Install Good Player App from App store.

This app has very fewer reviews but it is very efficient to open  .MKV, .APE, .AVI, .RMVB and .SWF file format with a simple click.

Navigate to the place where  .MKV, .APE, .AVI, .RMVB and .SWF files are saved on your iPhone – where your File Manager will you on that. Find the location and continue steps.

Click on share button (right top corner) where the list of an option displayed starting from Airdrop share, message, mail, add to notes, icloud photo sharing, drives, Whatsapp, Telegram and copy to Good Player.

Hit Copy to Good Player – the video opens directly inside the app and other solution providers make this process more complex.

The volume adjust is normal as using the volume keys.

There are many apps and many tricks to open these format files but this step is very effective without a single sweat you can give access to these format video. So may say open ip and as a local host upload the video to icloud to get access for the desktop version and then play a video, ignore all these just install Good Player app to trigger all these format files.

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