How to place Google Drive files on your Android Phone home screen for quick access  

How to place Google Drive files on your Android Phone home screen for quick access ?, we could have crossed this situation many times – searching for an article deep into Google drive  – here comes the solution for it, never spend too of much of time searching for a frequently used article have it in your plate (i.e home screen)  by creating shortcuts is just easy as the similar method you do for desktop files.  Just spend few mins for creating shortcut to the frequently used files and later your life is simple just by tapping to access it.



Placing Google Drive files on your Android Phone home screen:

  • Always have your important files added to your Google Drive.
  • This service allows you to have your file anywhere across the world.
  • By only having the email- id, and password you can access your desired document anywhere.

Methods to have your Google drive files on your Android Screen for Quick access

Method 1: This is very simple method to make it happen on the go – while you upload the file to google drive. 

  • Upload your file into the Google Drive app on your phone.
  • Each file will have a three- dot icon in its bottom right.
  • Click on the Three- dot icon.
  • You’ll find an option called “Add to home screen”.
  • It is added now. Go check out your home page.

Method 2: Trust you did the 1st method and this method is to have offline files and adding it to homescreen. 

  • Click the three- dot icon of your desired document.
  • You can find “Available offline” option.
  • Click on it to view the files even when you are offline.

Let us more about Google and Google Drive:


Google has changed our lives. Google has given a lot that makes our life and works easy. Laymen say that a Google knows everything. You might have seen saying which is as the following. “Unless your name is Google, stop acting as if you know everything.” Data, Information has become great with Google. Life cannot be led by Google these days. It provides us with a lot and a lot of results from around 8 billion web pages. Let us some interesting facts about GOOGLE that can make your jaw- drop as well.


¨  It is such a marvel about Google is that after it reached its peak it started to make it stronger and stronger by acquiring a lot of companies like YouTube, maze, etc. ¨  The meaning is that it was working always. They did not attain the so-called saturation point. Their mind was always around the users and was resolute in making all simple and easy for the people all around the world.


¨  Googol was misspelled as Google. ¨  The meaning of Googol is one and a hundred zeros after it.


¨  Employees of the Google are called as Googlers and the new employees are called as Nooglers.

Google is never away from food:

  • It is a rule that none of the Office parts in the Google has to be away from some kind of food.

Google Mirror:

  • From the very word you can understand that it shows everything in a mirrored version.
  • What is the use of it? You should believe Google. Google knows everything.
  • It actually came up with this version as many countries blocked Google. With it, Google can reach them.
  • I told you Google knows everything!

Hope I have given amusing things touching all aspects.

Google Drive:

Google_Drive_Icon copy

Let us see the very common things about Google:

  • It was launched by Google for Synchronization service.
  • It came into existence on 24th of April 2012.
  • Google drive gives us 15 gigabytes.
  • It is available for Windows, Android, MacOS, Android, and iOS.

Hidden features of Google Drive:

 Work Offline:

  • Google Drive allows you to have your files saved offline.
  • It will make way for you to work even when you cannot access your internet or WIFI.

Back up your Phone:

  • With just one click, all the files in your phone are safe.
  • Open you Drive app and go to settings.
  • In settings, you can find an option called Back-up.
  • Select what you desire to back- up like images, videos or files or all the three.
  • Click on to start back- up.

Easy access:

  • In the right top corner of your Google drive, you’ll see a gear icon.
  • You’ll find settings.
  • Click on settings to find Quick access action.
  • In the very below of it, you can see “Make relevant files handy when you need them”. Check the box.
  • Refresh your page and it is all done now for you.
  • In the top of the folders section, you can find the recently accessed page.

Remove photos in the Recent View:

  • Just type –jpg in the search tab.
  • You are done!

Be quick and efficient with the told two steps at your work. Tap all the efficiencies that are provided by the Technology. Make your phone or system or the device that you use friendlier to you.

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