How to place watermarks without using Photoshop

The watermarks is an legal protection for images with copyright status  with the owner for an image . Here create your own watermarks by using “”  water marks can be of text or image on the image with the owner name .

The text can be of any type and style can be  placed anywhere and viceversa for images . The watermarks will be in opacity of 40%  – 50% for the image.

This tool helps in creating the watermarks for an image  by text or logo , if you don’t have have Photoshop to place the watermarks this tool will help you in placing watermarks for image.  Placing watermarks for an image shows that its a copy right of someone, The third party will be careful in using it.  Every image cannot be copyrighted it can be only placed by watermarks on it, Using watermarks in an image shows the unique identity of an image owned.

How to place watermarks without using Photoshop ??

# Go to picmarkr or click here.

# Upload the image or from Flickr, Facebook or Picasa to keep watermarks for an image.  click step 2 after uploading.

# Select the option text watermark , image watermark, or tiled watermarks

# Choose the area you want to place them in your image [corners or center ].

# See the preview of your watermarks on image @ right side of the window.

# Sharing option on social network for your image with watermark is made possible or it can even downloaded to your local machine.

place your watermarks in your image  very easily - techmaza - technology speaks

Here is an example for watermarks in image done by  picmarkr , No worries about not having Photoshop in your PC  for placing watermarks for your picture picmarkr will help in doing this . Use this app effectively and make your image as copyright for your own.


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