How to play songs in Google drive ??

We upload many things on GOOGLE DRIVE  to store it permanently or to share with friends , attaching the big files (more than 20 mb) is made possible through send and receive mails. We can attach  any kind of  formatted files to Google drive to store with in the capacity of 15 GB’s.


We upload many files regarding to text and images in our DRIVE ,When apart form these things  we even share songs and videos through Google drive . Videos played in player (interface looks like YouTube)  , but audios displayed in a non playable format (unknown format) we need to install apps to play a son within it.

 How to play a song in Google drive itself ??

This problem made satisfied in two ways by adding songs in playlist to another website from our drive and installing applications to our drive . These two application made songs to play better from drive.

#Option1 – Add songs from Google drive 

add audio files form google drive

  • Still that , the playlist will be empty we should add  audio file from our drive to make playlist active and play a song . If your drive contains more than a song u can repeat them or shuffle them to play .
  • An un-interrupted songs can be played from ” ” .

add music plugin to your google driveAdd songs to this application to make play songs in online mode without installation of any apps in your drive account .Installing applications to your account may eat your space better use this option to play a song in a online mode .

#Option2 – Install apps to Google drive

  • Login to Google drive account  or click here to add application to play audio song in your drive .
  • Use this “Drivemusic” application to play audio song form your drive.
  • Drivemusic is a application which play all the kind of Audio songs in your drive.
  • It plays song in your drive itself without opening any other site to play them .
  • This Plugin works inside our Google Drive without launching them it  into any other site to play a audio file .

play audio song from google drive with Drivemusic application.png

Playing an audio book is possible through these two options in our Google drive . Now no worries about playing an audio file from drive to install to more plugins to Google drive use “CONNECT MORE APPS” under CREATE and UPLOAD button in our drive. There are many apps to be used for GOOGLE DRIVE to make our  things better and interesting one.  Many apps like PIXLR EXPRESS and PIC MONKEY to edit our image through GOOGLE DRIVE . There are many applications like this to make us comfort by using Google drive .

connect to google drive apps to your account

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