The only 90’s kids can feel the power of supermario brothers and happiness behind it while playing. can ever imagined the game to be played in your desktop ?, it is made possible by screentendo which works only for Mac operating system and hoping for windows soon. You are eager to download Super Mario in your desktop here it is the link to download from github. The interesting part is, can convert any part of screen to build blocks for supermario and play with it check the video below to know how does it work.

* Mac must have version of OSX 10.10 Yosemite,

* After downloading Screentendo from github unzip them to install and also do Download and install Xcode through the App Store.

*  Open terminal in Mac and copy paste this phrase below the terminal and hit enter  ” sudo gem install cocoapods ” and make sure that your username and password is right.

* From there, navigate to where the Screentendo files are in Terminal. The files were downloaded in zip form to my Downloads folder, and unzipped them there where the resulting folder was called “Screentendo-master.” If they are in your Downloads folder, copy and paste the following bold text into your Terminal cd ~/Downloads/Screentendo-master.

* Finally if you reach the destination folder copy paste the text and paste in terminal and hit enter ” pod install”

* Wait for a while and to complete all the tasks in the terminal and then process the way to enter another command and hit enter and close.

* Double click “Screentendo.xcworkspace” in the “Screentendo-master” folder to open. This will auto-open in Xcode

* Once Xcode begins hit play button top left of the screen in semi transparent window with Screentendo show up in your dock.

* If all the process is been done, you are great to play a supermario game now, drag a window to place to where you want to play Super Mario and drag in and click on the screen wait until all the image get converted to supermario blocks and then the hero will appear and play with it.

I think this could be helpful for all whose miss supermario game can bring childhood days for a small snap by enjoying supermario in your Mac and which your own game series.

techmaza in super mario

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