How to Play YouTube Videos in the Background on Android?

How to play Youtube video in the background, Sometimes, chrome is a better version while using YouTube compared to YouTube app. Don’t you think so? YouTube is the replica of Television in this era of the internet. So, obviously, we would like to use it to provide background noise. It is not a child’s play anyway. Google doesn’t make it any easier. If only you have YouTube Red subscription, you can use YouTube as a background noise provider. Otherwise, YouTube can only act as a foreground app. This means you cannot use your mobile to listen to your favorite music or any podcasts available on YouTube. This is not the case if you are ready to con around a bit.

Play youtube video in the background
Play youtube video in the background

What do you do next to play YouTube video in the background?

Do you use Telegram App? Exactly. The Android version of this multipurpose app will come handy here. You can play your favorite YouTube video links directly, without getting mislead into other apps. It works smoother until your screen goes blank or you minimize the telegram app. There is no audio from the YouTube app now. What now? Boom! Here is the new trick you can use. It will let you play the music on the mobile background while you are busy handling other apps.


Here is the little magic trick to freeze Youtube video in the background


Of course, some mobile phones like Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and LG V30 let you use the YouTube window enabled with split-screen multitasking. But, It does not seem so pleasant to use. People are on the watch-out to other familiar tactics to get YouTube buzz their favorite audio on their Mobile background.

The Telegram trick does not work on the iPhone. Making use of a third-party browser such as Dolphin to start a YouTube video, exiting the app and resuming playback through the iOS Control Center will work for iPhone. Android offers similar features with Google’s own Chrome browser. If you move on to Desktop, you’ll be ready to play the video in the browser, exit the desktop YouTube app, and you can continue the playback from the notification side. This is a more candid option. Play or pause from the notifications or play it from the phone’s lock screen. Now, you can also open different tabs on Chrome and continue working on the browser.

Follow these DIY steps if you are opting for Android:

  1. Go to in the Chrome browser.
  2. There will be a 3 dot menu located at the top right side. Choose the “Request desktop site” box.
  3. Move on to the video you wish to lend ears to and choose “play”.
  4. If you see a warning stating that YouTube wishes to send you regular notifications, click “accept”.
  5. Exit from the Chrome app and you can resume your video playback from the notification menu.


In case of iOS, follow the similar procedure:

  1. Go to Appstore and install the Dolphin web browser to your device.
  2. Go to in Dolphin.
  3. Move on to the next video which you wish to listen and choose play.
  4. Exit from the Dolphin app and you can resume your video playback from the iOS Control Center.


I personally tried this method and it worked for me. Google is pretty aware that it’s users would prefer to use the background feature on the Android and iOS devices. That’s why the feature is available for YouTube red subscribers. But it’s easy to use it otherwise. Isn’t it?

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