The word “selfie” (taking photo of ourselves  via front camera of our phone) is most popular nowadays. Where ever we go with friends we no  need  third person to take photo of us, It can be taken by our own tats selfie (below the image shows what the selfie is).

selfie with loved once in a party - thanks for Google for this image

# Here are some trick to take selfie right:

When you are out with your loved once  there is a chance to become selfie freak after this post. Here are some Selfie tricks to make you good on photographs.

# Choose the right background:

Choose the nice, colorful background to take selfie that sounds even better than normal bored selfie. The Background plays a special role in selfie which makes the picture and you more colorful.

# Choose the Right angle to pose: 

Preface your smile and activity which suites you today. Fix that activity today to take selfie choose the right angles in mobile to take selfie. choose the angle as showed below image (place the face in right top corner – it is called rule of third) to get better results in selfie if it mono selfie. In case of group the corner one take the selfie as showed in above figure.

the rule of third selfie - place the face in right top corner to cover all the background behind you

This picture clearly explains the rule of third on taking selfie, Thanks for Improvement photograph for the image.

# The two handed selfie:

 The selfie can be taken in to ways single and double hand. In case of single hand holding the camera in one hand  and pressing the button in hand. In case of two handed it is much easier holding device and in e hand and hitting camera button in other hand.. The Two handed selfie is more safety than single hand selfie.

# Give some expressions while taking selfie :

The selfie is to give special expressions not for a normal pose. Give some expressions like wing, tongue out, blush, wing plus tough out, thumbs up, devil smile, sweating, thief expression. These are the names of Smileys use this below to express yourself in taking selfie.

use some expressions while taking  a selfie this will enhance your pictures more cheerful.

#Adjust your shoulder:

While taking please be careful with shoulder alignment. If your shoulders are parallel to the camera, turn them slightly to the left and then slightly to the right, and see what looks best.

# Stand in the Light:

Make experience with lighting effects. Stand opposite to lighting or else opposite to windows of door  to get good look in the front camera. The mobile are only good with back camera. There is no equivalence in front camera we should make is better by lighting effects, choose the right position to take selfie with lighting.

# Pose with something new:

pose with something nee in the sense express yourself with the mindset you are right now if you bought new spectacles highlight them in selfie with different colors or if you did any haircut or any makeover highlight them with more special manner by showing them more portion in selfie. It  should satisfy purpose of selfie now?

# Use Accessories:

To make your selfie pretty cool use some accessories to highlight them such as spectacles, hat, bow, wearing a wig, wearing mustache or coloring the lips. This makes your selfie even better in looking and interesting in that accessories.

# Take a Full body selfie shot:

A full-length mirror works well for this type of selfie shot. Again, angle your body to the left or right, which is generally more flattering than shooting straight on.

# Easy selfie taking method:

Hit The camera shutter in a easy way to Find the solution, for your mobile the easy way to take picture  instead of pressing the camera button in the screen search for any trick in help center to use your volume or menu key to take camera. Sometimes angle may not fit to take selfie by pressing camera button in screen. For example press any volume key in iphone to take a shot.

# Use extra accessories to take selfie:

Use any extra accessories to take selfie. Accessories such as mono pod, Bluetooth ticker for camera, headphones,  use such accessories to take shot when you cant hold your phone for a selfie.

Mono-pod will give you a distance so can cover your background clearly and even take group selfie’s with monopod.

Bluetooth ticker will give you wireless communication to camera to take photo place the phone in one position assign yourself in front facing camera hit the Bluetooth ticker to take a shot.

Headphones , if your don’t have above such things use your headphone to take a shot press the button in headphones while the front camera is switched on press the button in headphones near to your mic.

These are small trick to make your selfie even better while enjoying with your friends. In case i missed some points to discuss please let us know in comments below.


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