As a human you will make some mistakes while working with computer without our knowledge. Here you can find a better solution for deleted files, which can also be recovered. You can also be recovering the important files and data’s from your computer. It is not that much easy to recover and you want to know in which place you saved your deleted files and folder exactly. You can also recover the data, movies, music and files which are stored in your computer and also you can recover the hidden files and photos also. So you can prevent the accidental loss.



Encrypted files and folders on hard drive is not lost. Mostly in new modern hard drives, it will happen not easily than 1000 full encryption. If a file is deleted, it is just deleted from the directory of files. To remove it from recycle bin, you can also use SHIFT+DELETE option and it also in recoverable and leaves traces in hard disk.

Suppose if you use the free version of recovering software, it will recover the deleted files with correct pathway, it’s also like a paid version. It also reduces the chances of recovering your deleted files and photos. If you deleted the important files and folders in your system, you can make a use of paid recovering software’s. It will automatically recover your files and folders as soon as possible while comparing to other free version of software’s.

The paid software’s are useful for recovering your lost data’s:

  • File Scavenger
  • Recover My Files
  • Undelete plus
  • Disk Doctors

File Scavenger:

File Scavenger is the best software in which you can also recover the “DEAD” files and folders from your computer.

  • Cost of software is $49.
  • It also extracts the previous lost datas.
  • It is created and supported by the boys of quetek.


  • File Scavenger recovers the data’s from floppy disks.
  • It recovers ZIP Disks.
  • It recovers Memory Sticks.
  • It also recovers the flash cards and RAIDS.

Recover My Files:

Recover My Files is the most popular and best recovering software on the torrents and many peoples get through this software to recover their files and folders, The users spend so much of hours to get a registration key and finally failed .

  • Recover My File Software Cost is $65.
  • Recover My Files is not cheap.
  • It works well without any of issues.
  • Even in MAC, lost data’s can also be recovered, but for MAC it needs additional amount of charges requires.

Undeleted Plus:

Undeleted Plus is the best recovering software which cost is $50.

  • While surfing for recovering software, I got Undelete Plus in internet.
  • It shows that it is free software for recovering files and folders.
  • But it shows only the deleted files and folders in the computer.
  • Download is free, but it will not recover any of your files and folders.
  • Undelete Plus asks for registration key to recover the files and folders.
  • Undelete website is well good and specially designed to attract many visitors.

Disk Doctors:

Disk Doctors is one of the amazing paid software which solves even your hard disk issues and also finds the deleted files and folders which you are looking for.Instant file recovery is the main advantage of this software.

  • Disk Doctor Cost is $59.
  • Even from empty Recycle Bin, you can recover deleted files.
  • If you unfortunately format any files and folders , even windows can be reinstalled also be recovered.
  • After partition also you can get the files and folders.
  • You can also recover videos, music, photos, and email and so on.

If you don’t have money to buy paid recovery software, then you have better idea to go for free recovering software. It has a lot of chances to recover your files and folders even it is deleted from your computer. Suppose if you are windows user and you have activated back-up option then you can easily recover the deleted files and folders.


Recuva is one of the most popular free recovering software to recover the deleted files and folders.

  • It is single Branded on
  • You can also find CCleaner software.
  • It is good free software while comparing to others.
  • It has an interface of restrained style and efficiency.

EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard:

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a very good data recovery software. Up to 1 GB it recovers the files and folders from your computer.

  • If you want to recover more files and folders then you want to purchase for paid software.
  • It works very effectively in good manner.
  • It surfs and gives back your deleted files and folders in a better manner.

PC Inspector:

PC Inspector is also one of recovering software to recover the deleted files and folders.

  • PC Inspector team is from Germany.
  • The great free software is hosted.
  • It is created for attracting customers in order to sell their other products.
  • Great Co-ordination and marketing strategy.

Panda Recovery:

Now-a-days panda recovery plays a vital role in the field of recovering the deleted files and folders and panda protects the deleted files and folders even if you format unknowingly.

  • For Desktop version, it is free of cost.
  • For Mobile version, you have to pay for software.
  • Using Panda recovery software, you can also recover the archived files and folders as well as hidden files to.



Win Data Recovery:

Win Data Recovery is one of the recovering software in which you recover the data from Windows users.

  • Win Data Recovery is free of cost.
  • Win Data Recovery is tested by PC Mag.
  • You have confident and power to recover the deleted files and folders.
  • Official Presentation says that you can also recover the data’s from restore files that have been even damaged by virus.
  • Win Data Recovery is also like an anti-virus.

The above guidelines for recovering the hidden/deleted files from your computer are very useful to the peoples who are lagging for recovering their deleted files and folders.


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