Here is a trick how to Download and Use Google Maps for Android and iOS devices without Internet in your mobile device. 

Google Maps on mobile devices have its greater usage for people to navigate, mostly in unknown place. Google recently updated its Maps version as Maps3 for iOS and Maps8 for Android users. This updated version on Maps lets you to use Maps even in offline. But this feature is only for iOS and Android devices.

To save the Maps in Offline, just follow the steps below so that you can use Google Maps without Internet connection in iOS and Android devices.

  • Install the latest version of the Google Maps or click here on respective operating systems ( IOS , Android ).

  • Sign in to your Google account to use this feature.

  • Type as “OK Maps” in the search bar and hit Enter. You will find a dialog box showing the options to save the Map in your device.

  • Now you want to locate the area that needs to be saved. You can use Zoom in and Zoom out options for selecting the location. The locations on screen will get downloaded once you hit the save button. But the area that can save is limited in Maps.

  • Before save, you need to specify the name for the Map and click Save button.

 To view the saved Maps in your mobile device,

  • In the Search bar, just tap the Person icon that is next to the direction icon.

  • Under saved Maps, in your profile you can view the Maps and get the details for navigation even in offline from anywhere, but it is  only saved for 30 days. For more info about saving Google maps in offline mode.


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