Today in smart world technology, our gadgets are been improving to a larger extend to make work simplified. Here the trick to connect your Android smart phone and Your smart TV with in local network as like screen mirroring between two device. When your Samsung TV contains All SHARE application it  is been possible. “SCREEN MIRRORING BETWEEN SMART TV AND ANDROID” Open a “ALL SHARE”option in settings of your smart TV it will available in all basic smart TV in Samsung this option will be available in all 3+ to 6+ series TV’s.

Samsung_allshare_ connecting _methods

Method 1:

To connect your  Go to Option in Samsung TV and choose ALL SHARE find and connect nearby device by switching on screen mirroring   option in your Android mobile. Connect both the devices and do play songs , videos between two.  This is very helpful in sharing video with all your family members. The television with below mentioning remote serial number will be available with AllSHARE in your television find for it in options. Your will find screen mirroring in ALL SHARING option, The all media can be shared to your smart TV via screen mirroring. If this method doesn’t work try next methods mentioned below

Samsung SMART TV remote with serial number highlighted

Method 2:

Play any Song in your Android device in your music player. while playing click on the Artist icon at the bottom near your music controllers. The music controller will be opened in big screen, the screen sharing icon will be on left top corner of music player page go with it to connect your television via All SHARE. Try this trick if not it doesn’t work out while connect from options. This method of connecting via music will connect your Television for sure.

The name of the Television can be changed in ALL SHARE options( as seen  in method 1)  go for setting by pressing button A or any other key mentioned in the screen to go settings in ALL SHARE option Where change the Television name from the list of settings in ALL SHARE.


Method 3:

If not screen mirroring is possible by mention mentioned methods download “AllCast”  fro m Android Play Store  connect them with your Television by using this App. This can connect your Television more easier without struggling in “ALLSHARE” options this will connect easier when compared to all other mirroring process, Via this Application all the video and pictures in your mobile and  can be shared with your Television. The media in Dropbox and Google Drive is also been shared with this Application and Television.

The speed of sharing it depend on Internet speed in your WiFi. For this process your Television and Your mobile[tablet] must be connected with Internet. The sharing is works from the distance upto 50 feet between your Television and Mobile. Share it easier and enjoy with your family and friends while you see something interesting media file in your mobile.  The minimum version must be 4.2.2 Jelly Bean if not download it and have fun with your smart Television.


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