Mostly everyone will be having Skype ID to contact your Friends and connect them form nook and corner on the world. The new option is been added to skype. This option makes everyone feels good,  screen sharing is been introduced in Skype to share your screen to your friends (as like team viewer software ) .   Here this video from Skype explains how to connect  screen sharing option in skype during call.

To make screen shared in Skype call follow simple steps.

(if video is not opening in your browser please update with java latest version)

Step 1# Login to your Skype Account.

Step 2# Call someone whome you want to share your screen via skype call.

Step 3# Search for blue colored plus (+) symbol near call end button.

Step 4# Choose the option share screens with list of options appeared in the drop down menu.

Step 5# The  sharing option can be chosen to share whole desktop or a particular screen from down arrow button in Alex cooper. (If you chosen particular window option this is for you: Choose the particular form list of windows opened in the desktop  )

Step 6# Click for share the particular window will be shared your other end call attender.

Step 7# You can change your screen sharing options at any time by clicking the Change sharing options icon. The Change sharing options icon,in the floating call window.

Step 8# To stop  sharing  it just click on stop sharing button  in the floating call window or can cut the call.

skype call to be acted as sending and receivin files form other end and can share screen eventually

Eventually can send and receive files form other end and instant messages can also be possible. The screen sharing can be done to group of people in a group call.

The list of parameters could be mandatory to do screen sharing option.

# Should have latest version of Skype or Download here.

# A Broadband internet connection with minimum of 300kbps.

# Computer with atleast of  1 GHz CPU and 512 MB memory.


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