Google+ is one of the social networks used to share the information. It was developed by Google Inc.  In Google+ you create an account in G+ and to be a friend with your colleagues, classmates and so on. You may post information and “share” it with your friends or families.

Google search is one and only best search engine, which gives all type of websites as a link. If you want to share the particular website in your g+, you have to copy the link and share it. It is little difficult to share. It gives only the link not a webpage. So now you can make share websites to your Google+ page.

google search in techmaza

STEP 1: Unlock your browser.

STEP 2: Unwrap your email account or gmail account.

STEP 3: Start surfing à Open or click here.

STEP 4: Look at your right corner of your page.

STEP 5: A webpage contains “” nearer to the Settings button.

STEP 6:  Just Click the button

STEP 7:  If you click the button, it will lead to the

STEP 8:  You type an organization and see many type of gathered information’s links. That links contains small arrow or inverse triangle symbol in the image display.

STEP 9: Just click that arrow, you having three options.

1)    Cached

2)    Similar

3)    Share

Step 10:  If you want to share the website in your G+page, Click the share option.

Step 11: Now a small g+ dialogue box will open. Then you click Share automatically it share in your g+ page.

It will possible in only not in because is a commercial search engine. is not a commercial search engine.

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