Keep PC fresh without using software or plugin

To speed up the computer, Mostly our computers speed will be reduced, when it is used for long days. We can automatically speed up our computer without using any additional login or software. There are many tips available to increase the speed of the computer. The computer with reduced speed makes users to get tensed and they are not able to concentrate in their works. Its essential to everyone to use the computer effectively. Keep our processor fresh now becomes very simple and easy.

Update the BIOS

bios images

One of the easiest way to increase the performance and to fix bugs is updating the computers BIOS. It includes some additional features. The resent version of  BIOS is always looked by the user to update.

Disable unwanted devices

un mount unwanted deices from your device to make your device fast

In order to reduce the slow down of processing speed, the unwanted devices should be turnoff. The software should not used for longtime will be disabled to increase the performance of the system.


Choosing Antivirus

kaspersky antivirus to your computer for better living your computer

Installing antivirus to the system automatically slows down the process of the system. Many antiviruses are available in the market. Some of them affects systems processing speed. Before buy a antivirus, have discussion with some of your friends. Buy the best antivirus, which should not affect your processing speed Download kaspersky and K7 – Download K7 very famous antiviruses.


laptop-stethoscope-maintain your computer in a great way to get more speed

The system should be maintained properly for once in a month. Maintaining refers to disk defragmentation. De-fragmentation is a simple process which never makes the system to get slow down. In order to de-fragment the disk, Just click start-go to accessories-go to system tools-then choose disk cleanup-then go to disk de-fragmentation.

Stop running programs automatically

stop the program automatically in your computer

When we boot the computer, some programs automatically start running. We should prevent running of those programs which are not necessary. If many programs are running at a time, automatically the process speed will be low. It increases the performance of the system easily.

Removing Disk Errors

error message in system

Removing the errors hardly reduces the processing speed. In My computer- go to hard drive and right click that- go to properties-and then choose Tooltab. Under ‘error checking area’ choose the ‘check now’ button. If there is any errors occurred, then remove the errors. It will increase the speed of the computer.

Get rid of USB checks

usb checing process in your system

If the user identifies USB mass storage delay time, after the drive is removed from the system, it slows down the processing speed. It requires booting once again, then the system regains the performance speed, tips in microsoft site about usb process.

Clean your laptop fan

usb big fans for your system

When we use the system continuously, the system becomes hotter because the fan runs much faster. It makes the fans to become dust, it is covered by hair, etc.., So it is necessary to clean the fan in the system periodically. Cleaning the laptop or system fan provides better performance.

Enlarge the cache

catche space in your computer

Cache memory is used to store the data, in order to have faster execution. Launchdevmgmt.msc is used to enlarge the disk drive. If the size of the cache is larger, than larger the storage. Then the speed of the system will also be increased drastically. To enable better performance, large amount of cache memory is needed cache memory in Britannica page

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