Dropbox is introducing many features to the users such as Dropbox cloud for admins , free upgrade space for every referrals till 16GB. Here is a small trick to upload all your screen shots to Dropbox when you take screen shot in your PC with out saving them to your PC you can directly save them to your Dropbox account by just doing nothing.

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Steps to upload screenshot to DROPBOX:

Step 1: Download Dropbox to your computer or click here to download dropbox.

Step 2: Allow it to sync for few minutes to upload all your file to dropbox. Right click on dropbox icon in your task bar and choose  gear like icon at the top of  the list of files window box, go for preference  tab in the popup window put a tick on share screenshot using dropbox. [ Right click on dropbox icon->click gear like button -> preferences ->Import ->screenshots->share screenshot using dropbox ] 

Step 3: If you click “prt src ” to copy your screen it gets uploaded in your dropbox and gets saved in your folder link (C:\Users\techmaza\Dropbox\Screenshots) (Partitionname:\Users\computer name\Application name\Foldername) or you can just download them from your dropbox and it will there for ever till you delete it.

Step 4: Just press “prt sc” the key above the delete button or “ctrl + prt sc” (for echo cursor in screen): this is for windows. For Mac Command+shift+3.

Step 5: Can delete those pics when it has been used, to save space on dropbox because have only 2 GB of space..

While to send screenshots to your friend you can just send the dropbox link link so you can save space. I think this is  brainy method to send your snapshot without extra efforts take to save them in your computer.

 to sahre screen shot on dropbox


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