How to take screenshot for all smart phones

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A technology improvement leads to the development of faster, better smartphones daily to the global market. An interesting feature in smartphones like iPhones, Android is to capture screenshots in your phone without any applications or plugins needed to capture it. It is not very much intuitive. Capturing screenshot in mobile is easier than on computer ( print screen on your laptop screen >> paint >> paste it >> save it in specific location ). We can save the screenshot as an image on any format , and share it with our friends. It is worth remembering. To take a screenshot you just use the key-combination in your mobile model in a just simple way capturing your whole screen.


For iPhone:

There is only one way to take screenshots in all models of iPhone, Ipad ,Ipad mini and Ipods. To capture a screenshot you just hold down the power button and then click the home button simultaneously. By hearing a sound like camera shutter, we may know that the current screen is captured. It will store in the main photos section in gallery. Then we can easily share it with our friends via messaging.

iphone-5-screenshot-capture very easy

For Android:

In Android smartphones, different versions have different key-combinations to take screenshots for your mobile. In Android 4.0, capturing screenshots are same and easy as iPhone technique. To Take a screenshot in Android phones, just hold down the volume button (on right or left side) and then click power/wake button. The screenshot is been taken and saved them in image gallery, some notification will arrive in the screen with a message (varies for each version). Screenshot is stored as an image in photo gallery.


In BlackBerry it’s quite difficult to capture a screenshot as compared iPhone and other Android devices. To do this, first we want to download an application named CAPTURE IT from the market (blackberry store). This simple application allows us to capture a screenshot of any screen. This application is available at free of cost and found at Captureitota. The installation becomes easier, while you visit this link.

Capturing a screenshot is an easier way in smartphones. And it will be used frequently by all smartphone users to capture an particular feeds or an scene. It is very difficult in normal phones, a special application needs to be installed separately for capturing screenshots, There are many application available too for capturing screen shots in Google store.

For Windows mobile:

For windows mobile the capturing screenshot is easier as like IOS and Android devices. Simultaneously press Unlock button(below your volume key) and windows button (between back and bing search button). The message appears in your saying “saving to screenshot“. You can find them in separate block in gallery portion.


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