How to test your Google ads without worrying about invalid clicks?

How to test your ads without worrying about invalid clicks?, as very simple and solution provided by Google Adsense team via newsletter as got   Couple of days back.

Make a safe play with Google Adsense account and clicks by installing Google publisher toolbar for your chrome its works by syncing your Adsense and Analytics account. It prevents from spam clicks (self clicks*) and safe impressions within the site optimization.

Tip: Want to test your ads without worrying about invalid clicks? Download the Publisher Toolbar to test your ads while browsing your site in Chrome. Remember, clicking your own ads without using the Publisher Toolbar will count your clicks as spam. ” – Google Adsense Team

google adsense team - to help you not to make your ad as not spam clicks


How to Install Publisher Toolbar:

Step 1: Check for Publisher Toolbar by google chrome app store.

Step 2: Click Add to Chrome.

Step 3: Once Add to Chrome is done, it will check and it get added to chrome by showing the icon as blue wave to top right corner of your browser.

Step 4:  Click to grant access your Accounts (Analytics and AdSense) to get updated and shows the result on the floating tab.

Step 5: Double Click Ad Exchange and Publisher can also be synced with this  Extension.


Google Publisher Extension will give the complete Safe optimization for Adsense Holders, to prevent form spam clicks and Self clicks. As the image stated below, the extension shows the complete information about the every single ad on the page level.

google publisher toolbar screen shot


Check out for Adsense Policy Page for further clarification about this news letter information, I hope this information will really useful for  Developing Adsense Publishers as making their passion into profit and satisfies testing your Google ads without worrying about invalid clicks.

NOTE: The Extension can also works on Chrome Incognito mode and WordPress Post preview mode.

Incognito mode – Google Chrome:

Click Control + Shift + N to turn on Incognito mode to make safe browsing and history free browsing or  click continuous three point at your right top corner of the browser and choose incognito mode.

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