The drop box plays an very important role in storing many files inside it. It is an best alternative for Google drive, the Dropbox is basically with 2GB of space and can earn more space upto 16 GB by referring friends to Dropbox. The pro version is done by subscription method for business leader if they want more space for their business. Recently Dropbox launched new serious for platform for business admins to control group of people in a single frame. Here the video of Dropbox trailer to explains how it works and does for admins.


 drop box for admins and  business people - techmaza

Step 1: Login to your DROPBOX Account or else click here.

Step 2: Upload your documents  in Dropbox to be shared with your friends, colleges or with partners.

Step 3: Sharing is made very easy just by inviting them via mail to share your Dropbox file.

Step 4: Go for sharing option in dropbox [ you can find them on leftside with list of options appeared ]

sharing your personal documents on dropbox with your friends, college and business partners

Step 5: Choose the option [1.I’d like to create and share a new folder and 2.I’d like to share an existing folder] from 1 and 2 do you prefer to do.

Step 6: If you choose Option2. choose the existing folder of file to be shared with your college , friends or Business partners. Just by inviting them via email and get their approval and notification on your Dropbox or (import contacts form your Google account, yahoo account and Facebook account to share your data).

Step 7: If you choose Option1. create new folder by naming them, then continue as said above methods for invitation.

sharing on dropbox with your contacts

Step 8: The Files is been shared with list of people mentioned in the invitation list.  The instant upload and editing is done with all the members mentioned in the sharing option. So, that the list of files in the folder can be editing or extra file can be added to the folder by only invited members.

This makes an business easier to contact everyone one place and updates results showed to everyone in the group. The method of framing a team is simple in Dropbox when compared to all clouds. This is more user friendly in  connecting people together very easier with very simple steps to be followed.


dropbox-logo blue color

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