How to Use Your Gmail ID to Share Content in iOS

Despite updates in iOS 7, you still can’t use third-party apps in Share Sheets.if suppose we uses browser as safari ,you want to share with someone  through mail.we can pressing arrows keys or button it allow to access mail to default mail application.

The various kind of users,want  Gmail Or mail box. They do not want setup email accounts on our mail accounts.Because it create duplication problem only. Then , How to use your preferred email  id in iOS to share content without setting it up in Mail.

How to Use Your Gmail ID to Share Content in iOS

Create a new throw away email account and add it to your Mail app. The example, we are using our iCloud account, which is already added to the Mail appNext,we Enable IMAP in the Settings menu on your main Gmail id through your web browser. After enabling IMAP ,We use ios  device

Head to Settings -> Mails, Contacts, Calendars -> iCloud or whichever throwaway email you have setup.Then click Tap Account -> Advanced -> Outgoing Mail Server.In case you’re using iCloud, “iCloud SMTP Server” will be on. Turn it off. Else, delete the existing Outgoing SMTP server you see there. How to Add server? 

Tap “Add Server”. Key in hostname, with your Gmail address and its  username and its password. Tap ‘Save’  it might prompt you that it is not connecting over a secure server. Continue and you are done!Now, we can  share content by using the default Mail application.

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