Finally WhatsApp web started supporting for an ios devices. Basically WhatsApp web feature is released before six months for all devices expect ios.

The addition feature for ios device, which is web functionality is added to iphone users. By using this you can synchronize your chats with WhatsApp web app.

For Android,Windows and Blackberry Devices, this WhatsApp Web was launched this year back January. Due to certain limitations in ios devices, they were back to release WhatsApp Web for ios devices. Knowingly, even for Nokia s60 WhatsApp Web is supporting but not supporting for an ios device but it came now with a great start with more functionality.

  • The verge earlier, WhatsApp Web spokesperson told “ ios device has no proper push technology and also there is no background multitasking. So they conclude that it is a bad user experience in apple”.
  • In January, WhatsApp has launched voice calling to keep a pace with competitors, and ios is one of the last platform to receive the update.
  • For some people, WhatsApp Web is the boon because it will automatically notify you, when you receive a new text from your friends through WhatsApp. You no need to see your mobile while using Desktop or PC. You will update yourself by seeing those text messages in Desktop/Laptop itself.



The using of  WhatsApp web platform will be same for all the operating systems and method of connectivity is also same. So not to worry in that what ever operating systems it may can use very comfortably. The process of connectivity is very as like open whatsApp web from your settings and open in your laptop screen scan the QR code via mobile and you on the go whastapp web is activated. Chat with your loved once from your laptop when your mobile is away.

For using WhatsApp Web , you  need to connect your mobile with web and the app will be mere extension of the mobile applications with all those text messages will be stored in the mobile. There is -also End-to-End Encryption and also enforces a strong activity to entire user.

Finally WhatsApp Web expanded its support to Opera and Firefox browsers and also even safari browsers  on compatibility part. In April 2005, there are 800 million active users in India. Other than the parts of Europe and Middle East Countries. Use whatsapp web for effectively use.


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