How to – Wikipedia available as Printable format

Imagine, You don’t have Internet connection but you require to review one of your favorite topic studied earlier !. what will you do, rush to the Internet center? Here is an easy way to learn offline. Exc1ited to know what it is? Yes! it is to have Wikipedia in the format of book. It is always good to have the data in a book format. You can turn the Wikipedia articles in the format of offline books,  there  is a new built  in tool in Wikipedia which helps to turn an article into PDF format.

Steps to turn Wikipedia article as PDF book:

Step 1: Please choose for the article you want it in the printable format in Wikipedia using the following link .

wikipedia convert as printable content

Step 2: Please click on the option Print/Export from the left side tab in the Wikipedia.

print and export content from wikipedia

Step 3: Under that tab you can see several option like Create a Book, Download as PDF, Printable Version. Choose Download as PDF option to directly save the article in PDF format.

download as pdf wikiepdia content

Step 4: Click on the Download the File link to view the article in PDF format directly in your browser. Otherwise to have it saved right click on Download the File link and choose save link as… option to save the article.

rendering finished for wikipedia

Here you go to save your favorite article in the printable format. Want to create a book with your favorite articles? You have a built in book creator tool in Wikipedia.

Steps to create a book with your favorite articles:

Step 1: Select the create book option from the Print/Export tab.

create a book form wikipedia

Step 2: Book creator page will get opened, click on the start book creator button.

book creator for wiki

Step 3: Choose Add this page to your book option to add the page to your book.

add this page to your book

Step 4: Once you have added all the articles you can rearrange the articles in the order you want using the show book option.

book is been created with name pages in it.

Once you click on the show book option a new page will get opened where you can drag and drop the topics to rearrange it. You can organize the articles chapter wise using the create chapter option.

manage your book from wiki

Step 5: Once the rearrangements are done, is you want the book as a printed copy from Pedia press choose the option order as a printed book.

order as a printed books from wiki

Step 6: You can download in the wanted format using the download option.

order as a printed books from wiki

I hope this technique will knock your mind with creating your favorite books from Wikipedia content, this technique will fill your leisure time or travelling time with good meaningful manner with carrying Wikipedia content in your handheld device.

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