Here is a video about how TOUCH SCREEN WORKS in your smart phone, the life without smart phone is difficult and life without ordinary mobile phone is very difficult , we feel to keep it touch with all people through our mobile phones and even smart phones it feel more comfortable in connecting with friends.

Sharing of pictures instantly your social medias of any event getting more likes form your fans circle. Have ever thought how our touch screen in working in your mobile it can be of capacitive or resistive  screen [types of touch screen], There are many developments in touch screen mobiles with unbreakable glass  called gorilla display it dos even braked by our knifes or driller this shows how our technology is developed in touch screens.

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Nowadays we have big touch screens to use it it is called as TABLETS – here this video shows how the touch screen is working in your mobiles . This YouTube video is by c0defap use the technology to the fullest , and know the working process of it before using them , while seeing working process before using the product it will much comfort in use and we handle in a great way. It create wow fact while using technology product in your hand.

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