In our daily life mobile phones plays as important role. Owning mobile phone and using them on 1990’s is a great privilege this thoughts has been changed within 2 decades. Nowadays 80% of people has an smartphone in their hand due to many development on technology many enhanced features in been added to mobile phones to use it better.

The great and remarkable innovation inside the iPhone 5s is touch ID in the home button, Home button has both the functions (Home button and touch ID), This is an remarkable innovation in iPhone 5. Fingerprint is the one best  password in this world its only accessed by you, the normally 4 digit password in iPhone 5 will  be friendly for hackers but in this case it becomes an enemy and  friendly with users.


The Touch ID sensor works great in recognizing your fingerprint for all logins and signups. For the first time tripple process needed to save our fingerprint. The Fingerprint can be saved upto 5 fingers in list to access all logins and signups for your account. In case of 10 non matching fingerprints all the saved documents will be automatically deleted in your iPhone. There is no time lapse in case of wrong password it does its action in deleting all the data’s stored in your iPhone after 10 attempts.


Each and every curve of our fingerprint is been noted by Touch ID sensor and save it in the list. All the fingerprints is made stored in Apple A7 chip securely, the fingerprints never save your points in any server in saves only in your local hard disk.   Touch ID is the next step to use your iPhone in a more secured manner.

Hers is an youtube video uploaded by Apple explaining about iPhone 5 Touch ID. The video explained by Dan Riccio [senior vice president – Hardware Engineering] and Jony Ive [Senior Vise president -Design]. Layers in Apple iPhone Touch ID sensor

 layers in apple touch ID sensor

To know more about APPLE iPhone5’s touch ID visit this link


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