Apple iphone provides many service s to us. Now they introduce a new app called “Smart Start” app. It is used to start and stop your car virtually. It is a cloud based service. It is mainly used for communicate with the vehicles virtually. This manages the all sorts of tasks and linking your network and the smart phone. This is a key less driving system. It is useful for those who have short memory loss people, because they easily forgot the keys and all.

car opening with ios application

The Zipcar App is also available to access the car remotely or virtually. The cars can easily be connected with the app. It is not only for iPhone, but also included for smart phones like iTunes and so on. It is also does the same function like iPhone app. It communicates with the vehicle over the infra red waves. Bluetooth connectivity requires line of sight communication for the future consideration. It may be allowed to book their neighboring cars.



App has a very good UI design. It has four buttons or links to control and activate the car. You can control your car in a virtual manner. It has many functions. They are:

  1. Either LOCK or UNLOCK your car.

  2. Switch on the heat of Off.

  3. Remote access with your car.

  4. Blast your horn.

  5. Panic mode.

  6. Release the trunk.

There is no need to worry if you are having more than one car. It is capable to control the multiple cars at a time. And also your vehicle can be controlled by any no users can use if they having your smart phone. You can also have the GPS facility to track the cars and also they gave the alerts to your mobile when the car is in parking lot or someone try to unlock your car without your car.

viper to open car door with ios application with iphone

There are several alerts present in the iPhone. They include Speed limit alert, hotspot for your car, Lock/ unlock alert, Trace the vehicle location and speed. Here, the new feature of the app is CHECKIN SOCIAL MEADIA, you can find out the place where your social networking friends parked their car. This is an very awesome app for the iphone users.

The app cost is very cheaper for existing users. It is about only $299 only. The new comers or users for the iphone pay more money than the existing users. It will around $500 only. They have the features like smart schedule, vehicle status, Viper motor club and Smart Park.

smart schedule to open car lock with ios app

# MART SCHEDULE is like a remainder to remains the details of the car when it takes, where it is going, what are all the schedules and so on. It is always monitoring the temperature or heat in the outside world and also traces the location of your peculiar place.

  • VEHICLE STATUS is to monitoring of the every stage of the vehicle. Whether the car door is locked or unlocked or the Engine is running or not, whether the trunk is closed and check for so many things in the car.

  • VIPER MOTOR CLUB is comes up with the roadside assistance and registration on to your account. It charges only the $79 rupees only. You no need to pay extra money regarding this feature.

  • SMART PARK is used to control the door when you press the “Park my car” is move on to the Smart park screen.

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