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Here is a list of websites which is important in your daily life activities to Learn/ know/ Make/ Create any such things in life with feeds which is categorized. Look for websites below which make you life even better from your daily activities, Add the feed in your favorite page such as blog or even in your Apps like FEEDLY, ADOBE FEEDS for all mobile Devices to track your favorite websites in your mobile.


1. Techcrunch:

This is Technology website which deals with new trending topics in their site and they are categories such as Mobile, Gadget, Enterprise, Social.

Feeds:  Techcrunch

2. TheNextWeb:

This technology site provides news and gadgets of next generation technology products. If you are a technology lover you will love this page too. This page has 7 million visitors and 10 million page views monthly.

Feeds: The Next Web

3. Wired:

The technology wired has the category such as autopia, science, entertainment, business, security devices, video series, and design and depth coverage of future in technology.

Feeds: Wired

4. TheVerge

This is the great review and information provided site to know more about technology and its gadgets. All the updated technology result will be in the site with more information and reviews about it.

Feeds: The Verge

5. Mashable

This technology website produce recourse news and information to the connected networks the Authors writes the trendy article to the connected network it has more than 6 million followers in social media.

Feeds: Mashable

#Learn Something:

1. Diy

This site is with creative videos and articles learn something in this site. It has some special creative videos to learn somethin new. This is the best platform to develop our skills, find an audience and be with just awesome.

Feeds: Div

2. Todayifoundout

This website has the creative things to learn in the real world, the website has the podcast in itunes download the app for your Apple from here (today ifoundout podcast App).

Feeds: Todayifoundout

3. Curious

This website creates the solution for the needs and to learn something new in internet. The phrase is entitled with ” the better way to learn anything” join free and spread what you know.

Feeds: Curious press

4. Sickscience

The Sick Science is the YouTube channel to teach technology and science in a simple manner. The videos is with maximum of 3 minutes to teach simple science. The channel is with 213 videos and  2,194,183 views till now, visit this channel in YouTube to learn science.

Feeds: Sickscience

5. LearnVest

This website deals with special financial control and accounting in our daily life. This website deals with money and finance matters to control and earn.

Feeds: LearnVest


1. Chef2Chef

This chef website is considered with new latest cookery dish from across wall. This is the site for chef guide for practical cooking, never miss to see featured chef section for better cooking practice.

Feeds: Chef2chef

2. Disney Recipes

This is page is been controlled by Disney health. In this page there are inspired cookery dishes to its trendy , now the list of new dishes is related with Halloween. Each and every dish is been explained with  short videos, preparation time and cooking time.

Feeds: Disney Recipe

disney recipe | healthy recipe to do your dishes

3. My Recipes

The website has the ranking of 7636 (Alexa ranking) and Estimated Monthly visitors is about 38,00,000. The website has too many category of dishes and we can refine our search by combination of three words as mentioned  in the image below.

Feeds: My Recipes

whats in your pantry

4. Food.com

The Name of the Website explains It is all about Food and its dishes. This website is with  1,55,00,000 viewers monthly with the ranking of 1510 (Alexa Ranking). The Food.com has many new recipe to impress you loved once with  new international dishes.

Feeds: Food

5. Kraftrecipe.com

This website has the ranking of 11,361 with estimated visitors of 22,50,000 per month. The Website has many recipes like chicken, lunch, dinner, desserts, healthy living,  kids recipe, holiday recipe, cooking and community.

Feeds: Kraftrecipe

#Coupons / Offers / Discounts.

1. Coupons.com

This website consists of daily market deals on grocery, Apparel, beverages, and household things to get daily deals  for a better price, Get Apps from android and apple store by this link

Get 1$ offer for M&M and Snickers

 2. Retailmenot.com

The Retailmenot has wide collection of coupon codes and offer details. This website has collection of 500000+ coupon codes with 500000+ stores world wide. The individual personalized page can be maintained in this website to save our coupons.

Halloween Ideas from Retailmenot

 3. Shopathome.com

This website is with many cash back offers many  rewards on the go. Use the code to get 10%  discount + 5% cash back on first purchase on Starbucks.

Get 30% off on DELL Computer

 4. Living Social.com

This website provides good discount offers on consumable products daily. Gold Coast Morib: 2D1N Stay at Gold Coast Morib International Resort with Breakfast + Studio Suite with Jacuzzi + Water Theme Park Passes + More, from RM150 for 2 people Get offer by clicking here.

Discount on Japanese and korian hotels

 5. eBates.com

Get 5$ as bonus once you join eBates and get more bonus and cash back offers like Healthy, beauty , baby and kids. Get more offer for United States Address.

get more offers on ebates | daily offers and cash back offers daily

Get more bonus on above mentioned cards.

Follow these site in your daily life to Learn/ know/ Make/ Create any such thing in your daily activities.

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