Instagram is Building a Standalone APP for Shopping (IG Shopping App)

Instagram is Building a Standalone APP for Shopping (IG Shopping App)


A very new app is going to hit the market very soon. It is a shopping app. There are many other shopping apps in the present market. But this is surely going to be special. It is because it’s on Instagram.  We know that the user base of Instagram is more than 700 million. A whole market will get into another business without much effort. See what Verge Says about this news!

The Instagram users would have gone crazy by now.  This will be shortly called as IG Shopping. Through this app, users can browse the products of all kinds and also purchase them directly through the app. But is all this true?  This social media application is not ready to comment on this. It may be in the development process and that is the reason Instagram has denied. There is no clue regarding the launch of this new shopping application.



This move of the Instagram is nothing but the idea of expansion and it sounds like a really wise business plan. Tapping the existing resources for a new business under a familiar name is a great idea. It is striking the market at the right time in fact.  You know that the Instagram has both personal and business accounts. The count of the business accounts is said to be 25 million. So you can conclude you already have more than a 20 million business people in the space. What is shopping on Instagram 

The people who have business accounts in this app and the people who are in the idea of starting a business through this would be very thankful. It will surely serve as a great opportunity. People who are already engaged in an online business use a lot of tools that mostly costs them a lot. This would reduce their cost.

Instagram advertisers earn a good amount using the people who are doing business on the Instagram. These companies help them to create advertisements. You should never think that this is the first endeavor of Instagram. Its maiden attempt on shopping app dates back to early 2016. Instagram is not only working on a shopping app. It is also bringing up a challenger for Youtube.

Facebook ambitious endeavors to bring in competitors for all the existing application would probably revolutionize the market. It has one strong pillar that is the base of customers. Thus, promoting is going to be a very easy task for them to come up with brand new applications. So clearly there is a great way opening for a flourishing business. Let us know some basic tricks to increase our followers to ripe as many fruits as possible through this opportunity. The way to capture a huge number of people is to have a lot of followers. To have a lot of followers you have to make people follow you.  And this is not very easy.

One of the main ways of getting more followers is to use Hashtags when posting items. Hashtags are always used as a platform on which users from a different location can indulge in a particular idea. This reaches people very quickly. The popularity of your idea increases with the usage of the hashtag. Instagram has a lot of features. It has a blog. It has Instagram stories, explore page and many other. Using all of it makes your identity flourish like wildfire as one or the other place people will come across your product or idea or service.

Instagram is an online photo sharing, video sharing, and the most successful social networking service. Instagram captures moments. It was created as a photo sharing app. It has come a long way now. It also helps you to form a community. You can find friends and family. You can also come across people who will make you discover their life and what they are up to. Shopping on Instagram



It also helps people find and be found with a common interest. A mere photo sharing app is today a profitable platform for information, knowledge, commerce, and entertainment. The story of its success starts with changes. Instagram was continuously changing itself for its users. Its intense market research has helped them read their customers and provide them with they need. It has brought changes in the context of language, videos, privacy policy, and many others. In many situations, Instagram also took back certain changes that were not liked by its users. Statistics of Shopping on Instagram

Social media is growing as a big business platform. Once it was used only by youngsters but now it for all people who look for business opportunities.

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