Instagram Story Ideas, It is the best way to interact with your followers on Instagram, Facts proves that nearly 300 Million people watch Instagram stories daily and it is nearly 2X of Snapchat.

I’m this should part of your Digital Marting Campaign – to increase engagement from your Audience and it is absolutely free to engage with your Audience. Many B2C companies have come into the picture to this story part for the release and messages to be delivered to the followers. It is the very fast way to express your announcements with only initial budgets (to increase niche followers).

So, you will be confused about what to post on your story and how to get more engagement. Here in this post, we are going to cover Instagram Story Ideas and it will be a full guide for the Instagram story to create and using all the feature to make impressive.

Instagram Story Ideas 2018:

Adding Filter. Filter. Filter 

The Simple way to create an inspiring story is choosing the filter – just swipe from left to right or right to left to opt to fit the filter to your images. Your mood can be directly delivered in the form of filter, Choose the right filter from the option of 12 to your story.

Adding filter filter filter to instagram stories

Instagram story Ideas – Promote Your Latest Post

How did your Audience know you have a posted a latest image?  this trick helps. Take a screen of your profile and using paintbrush rub and add an arrow over it the new post and make it as hidden and create an exciting feel to your audience to reveal something to the public. Some things as mentioned below. The Excitement feel will make the Audience to open your profile and check for the latest.

Promote your latest post to instagram stories - image courtesy gettinggrowth
Promote your latest post to Instagram stories

Adding Location. Location. Location 

Make a motivating Instagram story by adding location to it. Add location and a trending hashtag to it – this will be amazing to get more views Adding location will increase view to 50% and also adding hashtags will increase it double the way. More addon’s = more views, more views = more followers.

Adding Location to Instagram Stories


Adding Mentions and Hashtags

If you want more engagement and want to drive traffic to some other channel to increase their followers. This method will completely work, as based on my personal experience – this is absolutely working 100% –  if i want to increase my business page @ Instagram i will contact a high followers profile to write about my business page and tagging it to their story. It has got the result of 254% increase to old followers and paying the small promotional charge as they demand and it depends on your publisher it can less or high mostly it will be very cheap.

Adding hashtag and Mentioned to Instagram stories

Adding Poll. Poll. Poll  – Instagram Story Ideas

Everone in Instagram with more followers has started adding new features recently – Polls. Ask your Audience to do something either this or that. Getting them opinion with two choices yes vs no, black vs blue, Short hair vs long hair, Instagram live @3 vs Instagram live @5, Awesome vs Bad, Best buy vs no, Liked vs not interested and many more. Get your Audience opinion by giving the two choices and once audience responds to it, they will get to know the which poll has got a higher result and you will be known with their names of choice basis.



Scroll to Ask a Question in Story

There is a new feature added to Instagram Story, scroll to ask a question or feel, It just scroll up answer to show your love, sad, hot, inspiring, glass..  to show how the audience or to ask the audience how much they like, hot, sad, inspiring it just by scroll. For an instance, if you are posting a cake in a story and asking your audience – do they liked it just by scrolling the answer. Once your audience scrolled it – they can know what is the average answer given for the scroll.

scroll question on Instagram stories


Adding GIF to Instagram Story

Giphy API has a search feature in it with million of GIF images. Add GIF to your story and make interesting. Use the relevant GIF from the collection and add up to the story and make more interesting but keep in mind too much of adding GIF’s will spoil your story. Adding one or two GIF will make your story really interesting one the mostly used GIF are Swipe up, Friday, happy birthday, heart in, love, sunrise. You can find GIF in fourth place of featured tab click  – search – drag, and place inside your story. More You attract the more followers will increase.   Here is the sample attached.

Adding GIF to Instagram Stories


Instagram story Ideas – Full-Screen Hidden Post to Story

This story needs little time to spend but it looks amazing. More the time you spend on your story will get better and attractive one, time spent on story = attractive and Interesting story output. Upload your image to story section and rub it with color paint on it, so the image is closed by paint and the next step choose eraser and just do one scribble on it. Now the story will be more interesting and hidden feature will make your audience an excellent feel to check the new post.  Full screen hidden story = more views to profile.

Full screen hidden post - instagram story

Weather Icon Adding to the Instagram Story

Special weather is special views if you get a weather change, share the mood with your audience. Sometimes, you get good weather and rain or traveling to a place where you feel the good weather and you want to share with your audience? yes! click on weather feature – so it displays your current weather in your area and if you don’t have any weather application installed in your mobile – you can use this to check your current weather and share it with your audience with a good background with it.

Adding weather feature in instagram stories


Adding Selfie to the Instagram Story

This is interesting sticker adding your present selfie within the story, Let’s take a scenario – you are traveling abroad and you have posted your boarding pass and a passport + you need to add your selfie to it this feature will help now. After uploading an image to your stories – click on selfie feature in your sticker section and take a selfie and publish it. This function can access with front cam and back cam.

Adding selfie to insagram stories

Adding Emoji to the Instagram Story

This is a very old method but people will follow it, if you have tried all other feature and still you want the story to be more interesting try to add emoji’s. The adding emoji will always save time and increase expression native to your story. There are 100’s of emoji’s available within the bucket if you cant choose the right one – you can search it in a search box you will be listed with an option to choose.

adding emojis to instagram stories

Do a scribble by choosing the paintbrush, write are draw whatever you mood says. Most people will write up “awesome” to their Instagram posts or with an arrow to give more attention. This feature will give more attention seeking to the focused subject. Telling audience to click on a tiny URL or tagged page or the mentions. The scribble with your free mind and make the purpose solved. Whatever it is – it is your story!



 King & Queen to the Instagram Story 

King and Queen is a sticker placing it wherever as you wished. Either it can be someone’s birthday, weekend party, new visits to the home, a get to gather, any achievement where ever you feel to make the person to the celebrity level where you can add king and queen sticker to the Instagram story. For instance, if my friend is celebrating her birthday and I’m posting a cake cutting picture of her with poppers here I can add queen sticker to make more highlight to the birthday girl.


king and queen sticker to Instagram stories

Before & After to Instagram Story 

This is timely stickers, to present it to the public from a timely range before and after. Either it can be a workout for a couple months in time and you can post the old picture and a new with before and after stickers adding to it. Here i present the before and after photo’s before and after a hair curl. This sticker can be used for any scenario for before and after – if you see in this sticker before will be a dull one and after will be with more colorful with poppers in it. The story will be perfect if you add location and hashtag to make it a trend.

before and after stickers to Instagram stories


Adding Crowns, Hats, Glasses Stickers

From the sticker list – if you swipe to left there is a treasure sticker hidden in it, it works perfectly with image processing – you can place a hat, crown, headphones, glass to anyone within inside your story. To make a someone great inside the story and to feel proud crown can be placed and if someone with bald head hat can be placed to it for fun. This sticker is full on a fun – make your story more interesting with these collections.

adding crown stickers to Instagram stories

Write.Write.Write to the Instagram Story

If you want to create a very professional Instagram story this font feature will definitely help you, where you can write a font in various style, aligning it and adding a background with the different color variant. So it will be very appealing and very professional, I have a friend who is a food blogger who always does this to his stories and inspires us in a professional way.  This way it looks really interesting if you are looking for a very professional way to inspire your audience you can choose this for your stories. The different variants of a font based Instagram stories for your perusal.

Message me on Instagram Story 

Make a message focused stories, simple post a story with a message to me and ask a question and it remains between us. This really helps and to know the opinion on your follower and this will be a great one to one communication between two and if any company does this “message us and get an offer 20%” – the sales and brand will increase tremendously – the way you will improve the sales. The concept will we will be an easy communication to sell/buy or exchange a product.

This can be used in OLX way! if you want to sell a product – which you are using currently, snap a photo of it and put them as a story tell product configuration with a price – if your audience interested they will message you (the messaging term will be written as DM – Direct Message)

Instagram Story Ideas - Message me on Instagram stories
Instagram Story Ideas – Message me on Instagram stories

Turn on Post Notification 

If you could wish to increase your Audience engagement – recommend your Audience to turn on your the story notification inside your profile, So they will never miss your story. Push them to watch your profile and create more engagement – this will help you to generate traffic to your website if you have bluetick Instagram profile. The audience will get the notification to watch your story and if you have swipe up the option they will land to your webpage to generate a lead, product sales, event bookings, Films and many more.

Instagram Story Ideas
Instagram Story Ideas
Instagram Story Ideas - Go Live
Instagram Story Ideas – Go Live

New Product Release on Instagram Stories and Promote your Products

For this type of stories please follow xiaomiindia – they are an doing awesome job in new product release Instagram stories. They have blue tick version so they will use  “see more” option and it will land to the product – where you can purchase the product. Simple and great effective, inspired by xiaomiindia Instagram stories. Courtesy to xiaomiindia

Do Shoutouts on the Instagram Story

The shoutout is like promoting something to your audience either it can be a new product or an old one or it can be also a paid promotion to get more engagement to generate more traffic to other profile or asking for followers. Story courtesy travelindia

Instagram Story Ideas - Shout Outs on Instagram Stories


Swipe up to Read More – Instagram Story Ideas

It a prestigious feature is given by  Instagram to a selected profile though they have million’s of followers. It is great where it can bring traffic to the website by swipe up option. This is mainly used by product companies having a product showcase an Instagram story and swipe up to reach the product landing page to buy products from there.

Instagram Story Ideas - New product release on Instagram stories - xiaomiindia

Post Quotes to Instagram Story

This is an alternative engagement story – where if you don’t find anything to share but you need to do something share. Share an inspiring quote to your story and make engagement from the story – this can be also a wish to memorable day.

Success Stories

Make success stories as your Instagram stories – this act as a testimonial for product branding and increase the positive impact to purchase the product. Many commercial advertisers are using this method to present the product in front of Audience – this will definitely work to increase sales.  This is the old way of advertising but still drive good result – try it you get some attractions.

Workplace to Instagram Stories

The best way to showcase your workplace is here, you can show your audience as what special thing happening in your office, You could have won an award, you could have bought some a new stuff to your cabin – show it to the audience and get inspired. This way will make your workplace happy by getting a positive message from your audience.

Create Wallpaper

The best way to brand your product – create a wallpaper and place your company logo at the corner – that’s it, Many are looking for a great wallpaper to their if you provide them daily – there is chance of using the image as their wallpaper with your logo in it and if you audience liked your wallpaper and they start coming to your profile daily to check a great wallpaper – you will get attraction to your profile by a simple step of impressing. There are many such profiles on Instagram to provide success and motivational stories.

Promote Giveaway’s on the Instagram Story

Promote your stories as you are doing giveaway’s (contribution) your products to 3 or 4 lucky winners or to spend a time with him.  This gives more engagement and involvement from the audience to get that Giveaway. Try to choose this method as a lucky prize winner or a giveaway for a B2C based company.

Behind the Scenes on the Instagram Story

Be transparent to your audience and show them what you are working on and how hard it is. During a shoot show them a behind the scenes pics or video and get suggestions and comments from your audience. Tag a team member and a behind scenes technician to this story more special. This story will create a more enthu for the audience.

Instagram Story Ideas 2018 – Go Live 

If you are a public figure go live with your audience and talk to them – you will get a comment during live session read them out and answer their questions and queries. Do you know? your followers will get a notification if you do live! yes, they will get a notification when you start live session so they can join it before it ends. The Live is with no mentioned time – you can choose your own live time to interact with your audience and the whole live video can be placed as stories to watch them again if you miss by any chance.

Post a Video

The year of 2018  is video based and the future is here, 1-minute video will tell you 1000’s of information worth content and never underestimate the power of video. Post a video often and that will engage with your audience more if chance you will be in Instagram trending. Mostly Videos based story will be from dubsmash and now slowly migrate to  musically

Saying Thanks

do a shoutout by saying thanks to your audience and let them know it you have achieved something and got appreciation and mention to it. Tahnsk is a big work use to get more view and engagement.

Using effects: Boomerang, Focus, Super zoom, Rewind, Hands-free, Stop motion

There are funny special effects will make you feel really really interesting by using it. You will be amazed to use it and have fun you’re loved once. Boomerang is a special video with a back and rewind with speed, Focus is – one point focus to video and have a fun by using it. Superzoom is a deep zoom to a product or a selfie. To Record a video with a small motion type.

Instagram Story Ideas –  Highlight your Instagram Story

Usually, your Instagram stories will be saved for 24 hours only but if you want to save Instagram stories you can do it as a  Highlights – save it as a highlight it get appeared under your basic info and if you are using the swipe up option – it will be like a pinned Instagram story to drive a traffic to website and chance of purchasing product is higher. In this highlight feature where you can categorize it shoes, shirts, pants, ads, cinema, model shoot, T shirts, e-commerce and many more.

Nowadays, Instagram has become the main time pass to youngsters, and brand based company to sell their product for free. These Instagram story Ideas will definitely will you make a great story and impress your audience to get more views, here i mostly covered all the feature inside Instagram stories and necessary to create stories.  I have used these features personally to test it out and it is working fantastically in driving traffic to my profile. These Features are updated till today (22 June 2018) and i shall give an update once i see any new features adding by Instagram.

Note: The Instagram story images dimension should be 1080 * 1920 mention this to your designer so they can make a right fit image for your story.

Instagram Story Ideas 2018

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