We use Facebook to share our toughs(whats on your mind??) , there are many important pages by Facebook to be noted.

# News room home page: link

The News room describes about new highlights in Facebook and Recent news from Facebook. By clicking the button “all recent news” the list of news is displayed in the year basis from 2008 to present news.

facebook build moments to help your need and facilities in your work and use facebook

# KeyFacts: link

The Key factor mentions recent statistics, about the company, no.of employees, Board members and Head quarters for Facebook. It displays all the statistics about the Facebook report and statistical data til last quarter of the year.

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# Products of Facebook: link

Th product of Facebook is been listed in product page these ‘n’ number of product is been used by Facebook. The tab is been included with products, timelines, group research, photo , videos and messenger.

#Photos and Broll: link

The Important photos events of particulars is been made album and and released in this link.

# Developer Page in Facebook: link

If you are keen interested in developing an apps for Facebook this page is right for you. And get more announcements in this page by the Facebook CEO on the right corner (connected to Facebook blog).

# Carrier @ Facebook: Link

Search job in Facebook based on  countries and job search. This page is really interesting to learn about the responsibilities and requirements on described job position.

# Help @ Facebook: Link 

help on facebook to learn better


This Page helps you to find all the stuff in Facebook to learn about how to use it effectively.



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