Internet is Flooding Up Because Indians are Sending Billions of Good Morning! Texts

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Waking up each morning, right from that atrocious stalker in your college to your affectionate Uncle, your Whatsapp inbox is flooded with messages and cliché quotes stating only 2 words in different forms-“Good morning”. ‘Ayyo! These many messages?

‘You might be thinking. Well, you are not alone in this drama. In fact, it has become a global issue. Wondering how? Take a dip in our article on how those 2 words have turned into the most discussed issue worldwide.

Not just messages, Romantic love quotes by your Boyfriend followed by two-words ”Good morning” that makes you blush, also those 2 words along with cute babies smiling, cliché jokes which you would have heard at least 1000 times…the list is endless.

These images are not just images and texts. They add up MBs and memory space to your mobile. If left, these can take up all the junk storage areas. This will eventually slow down your smartphone.

This is just not about the older generation. Even youngsters are fond of sending out these Good Morning messages to their friends and colleagues. This way, they feel that they will be able to maintain a good relationship with people.

Basically, Indians believe in the ideologies like “No man is an island” and “A man is a social animal”. Indians are very sound and warm-hearted too. This makes them reach out to each and every one of their peers. In recent years, even though technology took over the lives of people, the basic mindset of Indians never changed. They continued bonding with their folks through social media tools like Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter. One of the tweets read, “The main reason behind #facebookdown is the excessive usage of internet by Indians for unnecessary and shitty posts. Few says jio is also a reason for this”. Maybe that is the case. Little did we know or think that the Indian well-wishing attitude will turn into a menace for Google.

Researchers on a survey by Western Digital proved that in India alone, one out of three smartphone users in India runs out of memory space each day. When the same research was conducted in the US, only 1 in 10 smartphone users complained of the above issue. This has led to Google traffic issues.

Google researchers have also spent months trying to figure out what the issue is and how to sort it out. A new app called Files Go, was found to be a solution for this.

When Google researchers tried to sort out this issue, they found out that it is nothing but the “Your smile is all the sunshine I need, Good morning” type of messages that causes this trouble. As I am typing this, my phone buzzed. “Do you know? The actual meaning of morning is more + inning. It is one of the innings given by God to play cricket with, Good morning. Have a nice day!” the message read. Just like eating, jogging, sending Good morning messages is like a duty for many Indians.

Google researchers from Silicon Valley also stated that since the senior citizens were getting online for the first time. This leaves them excited. They also point out that many prefer starting their day by greeting others. They start early before sunrise, especially before 8 a.m., Daily, Millions of Good morning messages are sent or forwarded to millions of Indians. This could include their family, friends, peers, colleagues and even neighbors. As per the reports by Wall Street Journal, for the past five years, the Google search history in India has seen 10 times increase with these lines “Good Morning images.”

This does not end with your Friend, Colleague, Relative and even Boyfriend, who is fond of sending you the Good morning messages with Radha Krishna image or Sunflower in the background. They are not the only people in this league. According to these reports, Indian Prime minister contributes his share to these “Good morning messages” team. “Perhaps India’s most famous morning-message enthusiast is Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He gets up at 5 a.m. to practice yoga and is known to fire off good-morning messages as the sun is rising. Last year, he admonished a group of lawmakers for not responding to his greetings”, states the report.

Tweeples or Twitteratis could not stop talking about it. They could not help laughing at themselves. Good morning messages must not be bothering, after all.

Tips to handle with Good Morning messages

  • Free up the memory spaces in your phone using apps like Files Go. Nowadays, there are several tools for cleaning up your memory space and boosting your mobile speed. SHAREit also offers a service called CLEANit. Through this, you can clean up and free the impending mobile space.
  • Never use the auto download option on your mobile. If you leave your house unattended for a few days, you will find that your gallery is clogged with innumerable Good Morning Messages. So, go to your Whatsapp settings. Turn off auto-download option. Only download files which are of importance to you.
  • Switch off the Blue tick option in your Whatsapp. Some of your relatives might expect you to reply to their Good Morning Messages. If you don’t reply to their messages, chances are there that they might get offended. It would be better if you don’t let them know that you have seen their message.
  • Do not let them know that you find their messages annoying in an aggressive manner. Let them know indirectly, in a mild manner.
  • You need not encourage them to send Good Morning Messages. So do not reply them back to those messages.

Thus, if these issues are not sorted out quickly, then it will prove to be a great trouble for our mobile and internet. It is not the Good Morning messages that let people know that we are concerned about them. In fact, Social media has let folks turn “Anti-social”. Spend some time with your peers directly, not virtually. Actions will speak more than texts.


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