inTouch technology – Data transfer between two touch screen mobiles

atelier-smartring -Transferring files between Devices with touch uses inTouch technology- source internet

Many technologies such as smartphones, laptops, tablets etc..,  are available to transfer data from one device to other device. It might take some time to download the data. Using inTouch tech finds a solution to this in a different manner. It is used to easily transfer the data by touching the device. The transformation is done within a fraction of  seconds using this technology.

Normally users wear  ring, bracelet, or handwatch, or even use the artitificial fingernail, in that small embeded chip is attached. The chip has  special antenna,small amount of memory but need of battery is unnecessary to charge the chip. So that the system needs devices with special antenna, that  give  enough energy to the ring or the other intouch device. The work of  chip used in inTouch tech reassembles the working of Radio Frequency Identification(RFID) chip. Here the video explains about iTouch technology.

 A special icon appears when the user touches their device with inTouch ring or bracelets etc.., If they want to send a small amount of information like pictures, or address of the website, that particular data can be stored in the ring. After that the user can touch another device in which the data to be transferred from the ring, it should have the same technology.

Sending small amount of information such as website address or images is a simple task using inTouch tech. The information is wirelessly transferred through the ring. Because the storage capacity of the ring is minimum. If we want to send a large amount of data such as videos, a cloud is used as an source, so the ring stores only a link to the data.

 The inTouch tech requires some modifications to the devices.  In addition to the Wi-Fi, cellular and bluetooth technologies in smartphones, tablets or computers, a special antenna and a transmitter or receiver needs to be equipped.

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