Introducing Facebook Watch for the year 2018!

Introducing Facebook Watch for the year 2018!

Facebook Watch (Facebook Watch – based on press release August 9 2017), a video on demand service operated by Facebook, provided with a Watchlist to keep updated of the upcoming episodes was announced on August 9, 2017. It was with limited availability from the day after. It was open to all U.S customers by that month end. The shares are as such- the company partners take back 55% and Facebook has the share of 45% of the advertising revenue. This is the terms of Facebook Watch’s original video content.

The Facebook Watch Tailor Video –

Facebook Watch categorizes the contents with sections as “Most talked about”, “What’s Making People Laugh,” “What friends are Watching”. This helps you keep track on the trending section, which is the most humorous sections and to know what’s the favorite among your friends’ circle. Facebook, with a total content budget of $1 billion, prefers short-form and long-form entertainment by 2018. As of now, Facebook is earning revenues from videos through mid-roll advertising breaks. By 2018, Facebook has plans on testing pre-roll advertising. Digit

Facebook Watch - Introducing

The Facebook Watch is available on different platforms like Mobile, laptop, in TV apps and desktop. The shows have a number of episodes, which are live streamed or pre-recorded. There are particular Facebook groups and discussion forums for each show. Eventually, when you are Watching the show or come to know that your friends are Watching it, you can comment and comment on your kids and share your opinions. It will be a unique and interactive experience while Watching the show.

A Platform for Shows

Facebook Watch, the platform for all passionate showbiz creators and publishers to identify and reach out to their audience, build a thriving fan community and henceforth, earn dollars. The new generation shows can become very popular among users, if they are engaging, classic and not the least, an amazing, trendy theme that can attract audiences unlike the shows, which follow the same cliché for ages since 90’s.

Facebook Watch - New Launch


 Popular shows

Facebook Watch for Tom Vs Time

This show has Tom Brady, American football quarterback, offering tips for physical training.

The first episode’s description states the following- “offers an intimate look at Tom’s unique, well-honed training process — and his drive for perfection — heading into the 2017 season.” As far as of now, this show has about 5,068,084 views to its credit.

Facebook Watch for PopSugar- Class FitSugar

PopSugar also provides one of the most popular pre-existing workouts shows “Class FitSugar,” funded by Facebook, has a pre-existing workout show, with a thriving number of 320,000 followers so far. In the Facebook Watch, the response for fitness and workout shows is tremendous. But a show featuring celebrity interviews regarding their experiences was not as well received as other shows.

Facebook Watch for NasDaily

Over a year ago, Nuseir Yassin, the brains behind the travel show NasDaily, quit his job at Venmo in New York City. Since then, Yassin, 25, says he’s at “33 percent,” which is the fraction of his life already lived, and even wears T-shirts with a 33 percent timeline every day. Today, despite his past as a Harvard graduate, he travels and makes videos everything, something so many people aren’t able to do until the latter part of their lives.

Nuseir Yassin, the viral videographer resigned his job to pursue his passion for making travel videos. He is famous for his T-shirts which he wears on all his videos. It contains a tagline with a 32%  phone charger icon. All his videos are of 1-minute duration. Of course, all of them are viral! He says“438 days ago (from the time of this interview) I was a software engineer at Venmo. I quit, and the day after I started making videos,” Yassin said. “I got to control the best hours of the day, which were normally spent indoors at my desk job. I get to actually go out and talk to other people, unlike when you’re behind a desk.”

Facebook Watch - how to get more engagement


Facebook Watch for The Fiona Show

The Fiona Show is a hit-show on Facebook Watch. It is the most remarkable and popular series. has a TV show. You won’t find it on Animal Planet, and don’t bother searching for it on Netflix. The seven-episode (plus a Christmas special) series is one of the most popular series on Facebook Watch. It has attracted not just one or two, but millions of audience by 2017’s summer end.

Other Popular Shows

I want my Phone Back– This show is inspired by the popular internet blog. The show telecasts some candid and personal conversations with various strangers on New York City streets. This show has a rating of 95% according to IMDB.

The mind of a chef– This culinary television follows various chefs and discovers their philosophies, sentiments and beliefs on their culinary skills for each season. This show is a combination of cooking, travel, science and history. With a rating of 8/10 from IMDB, this show is one of its kind.

Loosely exactly Nicole- This American comedy series was originally from MTV. It was later announced that Facebook Watch will be telecasting the show from Season 2. It will be containing 10 episodes.

Humans of New York: The Series- According to IMDB, The storyline is stated as, filmed over four years. Taken from 1200 interviews. New York City, one story at a time. Common sense media awarded 4/5 rating for it.

Returning the favor- This Facebook Watch American reality web television series tracks Mike Rowe traveling across America in search of people who have remarkably achieved. This show has a rating of 9.5/10 by IMDB.

Upcoming shows

Blumhouse Television show, Sacred Lie, a half-hour drama, is also on its way to grab the attention of its viewers. It is given a slot of 10-episode series order by Facebook Watch. It is the first ever drama series by Facebook Watch. This upcoming show is set to release soon. Techcrunch

What makes Facebook Watch different?

A survey regarding the Facebook Watch metrics shows that during the holiday season from December 18, 2017, to December 31, 2017, alone-Total emotional reactions were around 2 lakhs; Total comments were around 8 lakhs. Audience passion rate was 23% and increase in average reactions per show was above 81%.

It seems like everyone is getting into the video business. First, it was Netflix and Amazon. Then Apple recently announced that it will be producing original content. And now even Facebook is entering the game. What Facebook Watch Will Mean For Marketers.

Facebook Watch is a new service that lets Facebook users Watch original TV shows created exclusively for the social network. But how does Facebook Watch stack up against the established big hitters on the streaming scene? Read on to find out.

It’s Free as of now

Unlike Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, the Facebook Watch is cost-free. The main drawback of other streaming apps or websites is you will be forced to pay or Watch annoying ads. According to the reports by Reuters, Facebook is still working on Ads and ways to insert it into the videos. Since the Facebook Watch is all about making money, don’t panic if you get to see ads in the future.

Content quality is the foremost concern

Original shows like Ball in the Family, Humans of New York, Returning the Favour, Loosely Exactly Nicole is all reality shows. These shows are worth Watching. Although Facebook itself is investing money for some shows, there are plenty of shows on Facebook Watch, created by other people. Some of the names are well-known to people like Harper’s Bazaar, WIRED, The Daily Show, Buzzfeed’s The Try Guys and so on.


Eventually, Facebook is opting for community-created content. The Facebook Watch is not about original content, but quality contents. There are shows with different concepts like sending strangers on blind dates to past like ancient Egypt via VR headsets. Another explores the science behind foodstuffs. Another explores the way this world could doom. Another contains videos of military veterans returning home.

TechCrunch reported that Facebook will be spending billions of dollars in 2018, to fund more shows.

No movies, but only focuses on short videos

The videos are shorter in length. You would not get exhausted from the dragging length of the episodes. Facebook Watch also focuses on content quality. So there are lower chances of you getting disappointed. Also, the focus is more on TV shows. You must have noted that there are no movies on Facebook Watch. Since it is interactive, viewers can like, comment and share then and thereby. This way, the publishers and creators can be well aware of the taste and mindset of the audience. This will lead to remarkable improvements on the shows.


Facebook Watch, with varieties of shows and themes, is all set to take over the world. The interactive nature and then and there likes, comments and shares for the shows will help show makers have a peek at the audience mindset. This will help them take steps to improvise on the shows. Also, Facebook focuses on only Quality contents. This will lead to people storming to Watch these shows. Also categorizing the shows will help people understand what is trending and what their friends are Watching on weekends. These all features are the added values of the Facebook Watch.

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