ios 11 Tips- You Should Know About

Apple with (iOS 11 tips) – This brand name became a name of pride and social status. Apple’s success made it to give everything to its customers in an outstanding manner. It started producing products that were exclusively for Apple Products. In this line, it came up with iOS, a mobile operating system. Now it supports other company devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It stands second after Android.

iOs 11 is the great release of iOS operating system. It was released on September 19, 2017. Its successor is iOS 12. There are some jaw-dropping features within iOS 11.


iOS 11 Tips


Amazing iOS 11 Tips:

How to Drag and Drop 

ios 11 tips on dragging and dropping. The first tip among the ios  would be Drag and Drop. The iPad that uses iOS, enables the device to drag and drop anything. This might sound as a casual feature that is available in all devices. You can drag one app to another.

How to Scan QR Codes on iOS 11?

The second smart tip among the ios 11 tips would be Scanning of QR codes. Scanning QR codes is less irritating in the iOS operating system. Even when you keep your phone at an angle, it would scan the code properly and ensure you that the work is done.

No Power Button; No worries!

ios 11 tips on Phone’s Power and Your Worries. You might have really suffered when your Power button does not work. You don’t have to worry if your power button is not working.

You can restart your phone by going to your settings- General and go to the end of the list to find out Shut Down option. This will bring you a familiar Slide to Power off Control.

How to Write or Draw on the Apple Screenshots? 

This is the ios 11 tips to tip on Screenshots. To know this you have to take a screenshot. Very soon after you have the screenshot clicked you will find a little thumbnail.

If you leave the screenshot you will see it to disappear. But if you tap on the screenshot you can see the thumbnail to appear over the screenshot. Using this edit option you can crop, annotate. There are Markup tools and magnifier.

How to take Portrait Pictures on iOS 11 Tips? 

ios 11 tips to make your picture a better picture. Portrait pictures are great with iOS 11.  It works with HDR. It can be abbreviated as High Dynamic range. The mode and flash are great when comparing to any other mobile’s operating system.

There are new options in iOS. They are normal, left and right. You would know what a normal option is. The other two options help you to compress the keyboard. You can make it to 3/4th of its normal size. You can also place them as per your wish. It may be to right or to left. It will help you to reach all the letters with your thumb alone.

Where is the Flight ask your Apple?

A flight route in your phone can now be known. Just by typing the flight number into the Safari browser, you can track that particular flight. You’ll get all the details of the flight. It will reach you as a pop- up. Tap on that and you’ll see not just the flight times and status, but a real-time map of where the plane actually is.

ios 11 tips

How to Zoom the map on iOS? 

Well, you would know how to zoom on maps. You have to use two of your fingers to get into the details of the map. iOS 11 has another way. You can follow it for a new and easy access. Double-tap with your finger or thumb and keep it pressed down on the screen. Move it up to zoom in on the map, and move it down to zoom out.

Control Center under your Control on iOS

 This will tell you about the very peculiar control center. A great way is been with iOS. Controlling the center fully is now possible. If you don’t like the default choices it’s simple to customize Control Center to your liking: go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls and you can add and remove items or rearrange the order in which they appear.

The New inside

This new ios 11 tips will show you a new inside. The Dark feature of the phone increases the intimacy of you and the phone. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Invert Colors and switch on Smart Invert. Unlike a normal invert, which reverses the colors of everything on the screen, Smart Invert doesn’t mess with images and other media: it’s effectively a Dark Mode for iOS.

How to Access 3D Without 3D on iOS 

The tenth ios 11 tips are really awesome. If you do not have 3D support, you can have additional options that are within iOS 11. If you long-press the buttons in Control Center you’ll get the 3D Touch actions, so, for example, long-pressing the torch icon brings up the torch’s intensity settings while doing the same on the timer allows you to easily and quickly adjust its length.

How to Message Siri on iOS 

ios 11 tips will now teach you how to message Siri. If you go into Settings > General > Accessibility > Siri and enable Type To Siri, long-pressing on the Home button brings up the keyboard. “Hey Siri” still works, and if you’ve enabled voice feedback that still works too.

The Best iOS 11 Tips:

Live Photos

It gives you the true Live Photo quality. Go to the Live photo option and tap on the Edit button. You will find a slider. It will help you to access your Live Photo frame by frame.  You will also find another option called Make Key Photo. With the help of this Make Key Photo, you can replace the photo with your desired one.

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Have a Great Storage Capacity on iOS ?

 iOS 11 introduces several new ways to improve your available storage, including new, more efficient file formats for photo and video – although those formats only apply to new images or recordings, not ones you’ve already got.

These ios 11 tips will actually tell you how to make your phone big in terms of space. In addition, you can free up storage by enabling iCloud sync for Messages in Settings > Messages > Messages on iCloud and by deleting message attachments from the same page.

You can also “offload” apps, which delete them but remember their data. When you want to use them again you just reinstall and they pick up from where you left off. That option’s in the iCloud storage bit of Settings.

The Facetime Photography 

It is really when great when technology not just speaks about technology but also safety. This option is really beautiful as you can take pictures of your loved ones on call. It can save precious moments for the years to come. It is dangerous at times. , you can disable the Live Photo option by going into Settings > FaceTime – but bear in mind that all you’re disabling is this specific feature, not iOS’s ability to take screenshots.

Files App on iOS

  The Files app comes hand-in-hand with iOS 11, and it essentially keeps all your documents together and organized on your iPhone and iPad. You can still search for files through third-party storage providers, along with folders, recent documents, and other iCloud content.

Access your Notifications in a New Way

I assure that this would be the most amusing tip among the ios 11 tips. You can see the notification center and lock screen have been combined. You have to simply swipe down to reveal your lock screen, and all your notifications will appear separated by day. You can clear or view them by swiping the notification to the left, and you can also open each one by swiping fully to the right.

Tapping and holding via 3D Touch will let you interact with the notification, such as sending a reply to an iMessage. In this new notification center, you can access your camera by swiping to the left and the Today view by swiping to the right. The most annoying notifications can now be dealt with ios 11 tips.

Low Power Mode on iOS 

 ios 11 tips on how to tackle low power. Low power is a feature that was already within the iOS. But in iOS 11 it has become efficient. You have to go to settings and search for it to turn on to Low power mode. But now you can use the Control center and have the Low Power mode on the screen and access it fast.

How to Record your Screen on Apple?

ios 11 tips on recording anything on your phone. Initially, you had to have a third party app or an emulator to record your screen. Now, this feature is an inbuilt feature. Now, you can screen record straight through the built-in feature. You’ll have to add it to your Control Center by going to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls. Once it’s added, pull up the Control Center and tap on the screen record icon which will turn red to indicate it’s on.

iOS 11 has come up satisfying great needs of its customers. It has rightly seen which were liked by people, which needed third-party apps and it gave its version. It wishes to stand alone and make all from within. And yes! It has made it. Have fun by mastering iOS 11 with these tips.

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