Let Know Me!!!!!! Who Am I ?

I am Ur Friend..   My Name is PDF Tools .                  

There is a  world wide user for PDF files .PDF Tools is a  software  which allows users to convert PDFs into editable documents and create PDFs from a variety of file sources.The PDF software is used to combine  two or more PDF files.It can support conversion from various format for Eg. Word files.Don’t worry!!!!! we can split  large PDF files. Remove the unwanted picture also in perfect manner.Even we can edit words,small images and add words also.

PDF Tools allows users to edit PDFs by adding custom Watermarks. It will also detect hyperlinks ,text mark-up recovery.It allows Compression Technics, it reduce size of PDF files .PDF Tools recognizes columns.It can remove headers, footers and image graphics. This support Selective Content Extraction . It allowing the conversion of specific text, tables, or images from a PDF file while also providing for the combination of multiple PDF tables into a single Excel worksheet.

                     Is there any security ??  Of course  !!

Avoid unauthorized person ,we have protect our document by using ” ‘PASSWORD “.It ensure more security features.

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