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DIGITAL RING  to your hand for better connectivity

A ring is not only used for wedding and not alone for wearing . As the technologies is growing up beyond the universe, a single ring can rule all. we can have the control of the surroundings within our finger with the help of a tiny Smarty Ring(wearable technology).


The Smarty Ring is otherwise called as NFC (near-field communication) ring. The NFC ring is made up of stainless steel or titanium. It is a wireless technology. It has two inlays within the ring, the top inlay is used for public information (twitter, Facebook photos, contact information etc,.) sharing with your friends within very short distances and the bottom inlay is used for private (phone password, opening your house door etc,.) information. The bottom inlay is more secure. As the bottom inlay is significantly smaller than top inlay it helps to provide additional security for your private data and making public data easier to share.




The NFC ring can be used only if the device is NFC enabled device. IT helps to unlock the smartphone. We need not to enter any pattern not even need to touch the screen. In smart phones it should have NFC antenna to access the NFC ring. Since the read distance is small it will be helpful to find the antenna if we place a sticker near it. In order to secure the use of your smarty ring you have to just clench the fist (fold your fingers).

You can lock and unlock your house door by bringing near the NFC ring to the NFC enabled door. The NFC ring can be used in Android and Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8 and in BlackBerry devices. But there’s no iPhone support because Apple didn’t Include NFC connectivity in their Smartphone’s design.

You can also set your own style of settings  using your custom settings in your phone. It can also manage all your incoming Smartphone alerts (call, sms, mms etc,.).

You can use the ring as a watch, timer and phone finder. If you walk more than 9 metres from your phone, the Smarty Ring will beep to alert you that you have left your phone somewhere else. You can check your heart rate limits, it will alert you when your heart rate exceeds the limit. It is also used to read your temperature.

NFC ring on door lock


  • The ring can hold approximately 144 bytes of data and does not require a battery or any fuss.
  • It comes in sizes between 7 to 15 and is also water resistant.
  •  The software which was developed in smarty ring is open source software. So you can develop your own application for your smarty ring.
  • The basic price for NFC ring is approximately $34 (Rs.2114).

nfc_ring_lead in windows mobile

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