LINE is a application alternative used for we chat, voice command, unlimited talk on line with smart phones. Owning chat application in smartphone is very essential to keep friends closer in a same circle. Line introduces a new way in chat with generating unique QR code for every contacts (signup) in line. Your friends can add  you by scanning  unique QR code generated to you by line.

download button for LINE App

LINE is a new communication app that allows you to make high quality FREE voice calls,FREE video calls and send FREE messages, use Emojis whenever and wherever you are, round the clock. You can use this LINE app in iphones , Android 2.1 or above, smart tablets and even for PCs .Instead of taking time to mail/sms your friends, use LINE’s message function to send messages easily with colorful icons, photos and even location information. The users can also switch between video and voice anytime during the call.


Your chat is made more interesting with STICKERS in line.  Here is a commercial video add on stickers in line how to use them in a interest way in class hours.

These functions you can do with LINE | Use Line App Effectively 

1. Free message and call 

keep your friends close to gather always with unlimited chats and calls with your friends – hangout with them easily

2. Have fun with stickers 

Stickers are next generation of smileys , stickers shows  the emotion even better  more than 5,000 stickers and emoticons speaks more than a word,get more stickers from this link. There type of emotions are in LINE [Stickers, Emoji, Emoticons] to show funny expressions to your friends while chatting with them.

3. Enhance your experience with line game

You can Play interesting live games with your  friends, Compete each other with  highest score by sharing them on line , Feel the excitement in playing games online with different experience here is an intro video about playing games on line . play LINE POP by tabbing more in line application.

4. Desktop version

Stay touch with your friends on desktop while in home or in office , and move on with your smart phone . For using LINE in desktop version you need email verification. download LINE version for desktop link here, For windows 8 it is available in store (Download line for windows 8). Here is a snapshot of using LINE in windows 8 PC  special UI is created for windows 8 PC

 line snapshot in my windows 8 installation.png

5. send video and voice message 

You can Send messages , photos by attaching it using (+) button,  location sharing connected with maps , Instant video recorded by you  and voice messages recorded by you like an walky-talky play .  You can send these things in a second with your friends. The Group of team conversation can be made by just inviting them to your chat (group chat).

Connect with your friends by just shaking your mobile phone or by scanning QR codes. Invite your friends through emails.

you can log out your desktop version by using your mobile while you move out by following these steps Accounts>>device manager>> you PC name >> log out. You can stop log in using your PC with closing the option in Accounts >> allow log in off/on  (switch this on/off to use the PC/ Win 8 version offline/online). TIPS AND TRICKS FOR LINE

There are many family brands in line :

# LINE camera – download it in itunes.

# LINE card – download it in itunes.

# LINE tools – download it in itunes.

# LINE antivirus – download it in itunes.

# LINE brush – download it in Google  play store.

# LINE play for ANDROID & IOS – download it in itunes , Google play store.

# LINE BAND for ANDROID & IOS – download it in itunes , Google play store.

Use Line App Effectively

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