Linkedin | Get Email Alerts When New Employees Join a Company

LinkedIn has been the best and the most preferred platform for jobseekers. For a professional in search of a job, this business and employment-oriented social networking service has been the primary tool in updating their resumes, waiting for email alerts for new job postings, view a person’s profile or improve one’s contact. We were all restricted to these uses of LinkedIn. But, LinkedIn can be put to much greater usage. This networking site helps you keep a track on new employees joining your own company or your competitor.

Linkedin | Get Email Alerts When New Employees Join a Company

With this feature, every entrepreneur can have a note on his employees or on the ones his competitor would boss on!!

The idea of having a peek-through on  your competitor  might sound hilarious, but this way you not only get notified on what your competitor has got to do but also get a chance to stay ahead and plan further on.

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So how do you do it? Well this is similar to job alerts. All that you have got to do is to set up “people alerts” in LinkedIn. This way one will be intimated when an employee joins the tracked company.


So here are the steps to track down a company.

Firstly, login to your LinkedIn account and type in the name of the parent company. Then lookout and choose the “people” search option from the search list.

Linkedin - Email notification to see check new Employee

Secondly, you can also have an eye on a particular branch or office at a particular locality. To do this, expand the locations section on your search results page and check out for the regions that you would prefer to have a record on. You can select the name of the country and the city the company is located in, give in its geographic region or can even make multiple selections.

Linkedin - Alert When New Employee Joins a Company

By hitting the “create search alert”, you are ready to track down a company of your desire. LinkedIn will notify you every week through a mail enlisting all the profiles that have joined the specified company in that particular week.

Linkedin - Alert When New Employee Joins a Company- search Alert

This feature of LinkedIn works only if the professional joining the company has updated his/her profile for LinkedIn to know that they have made a move from the previous to the next company.


With this feature, one can have his own account to follow or have an eye on a company and track-down and enlist the people hired by the company. I Hope you like this blog content share this with your friends over social media and let us know any updated in the tool / topic suggestion on comment box below.

 Linkedin | Get Email Alerts When New Employees Join a Company


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