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# GoArticles is first among all article submission sites as it is best platform for authors, readers and audiences. It has quality articles and  users or followers of over million authors.


# EHow

EHow is a website that covers several topics of different categories. For every topic there will be a step by step description for better understanding. Because of this, it is a best and are used widely for videos. EHow has over 1.7 million articles. Any user can leave the comments but some selected contractors has the rights to edit the contents on articles. It ranks second as it is the best platform for writers.         

Ezine Articles

Ezine Artical ranks third in top article submission websites. This website accepts unpaid submissions from authors and in turn exchange for links to the websites. It also allows republication of the articles.

# Squidoo

Squidoo website is best used when the user wants to sell their product through the website. They can also donate their profit to some charity. Based on the interest , user can create pages or lenses. 


ArticlesBase is the site which allows the user to submit and read articles for free. The user can also publish their contents for free and to use it in their own websites. 

# Examiner

Examiner is a site which is the sixth among top most article submission sites. This website works well like search engine with domain as “News”. So it is mainly focused on news. 

# Technorati

 This Technorati is mainly for searching blogs because it is the Internet search engine that was indexed by 112.8 million blogs and it has over 250 million pieces of tagged social media. Technorati comes from the combination of technology and literati. So it invokes technological intelligence or intellectualism. 


This site offers quality free ezine articles and also videos, e-books and web directory submissions. This is a very good article site for distributions.


 This is the tenth among the top 10 article submission sites. SeachWarp has large user base as it can be used by user in different part of the world. Through this, people can post their articles easily.

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