Interesting websites to visit when bored

Couple of years ago, the technology was not much developed. But nowadays the improvement in technology and social networks makes people to sit in front of system or laptop for long time. Some may get bored, if they don’t have any work to do. During that time mostly we visit either Facebook or YouTube. There are many websites to visit, rather than Facebook, YouTube, etc.., some interesting and cool websites are listed below.

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# The Museum of Me

The Museum of Me is an interesting website created by Intel. It takes us a tour to visit our Facebook account in different way. When we surf to ‘Museum of me’, one image will find, it is used to connect this service to Facebook. This Application is used to visually see our account details. Each rooms contains separate details like our profile in one room, friends list in another room, and user’s location in separate room etc..,    – MUSEUM OF ME



# Pandora Website for Music

Pandora is an official site available for music, jewellery, wiki, etc.., Specially the ‘Pandora for music’ is an interesting website contains lots of songs to hear when we get bored. Effortless discovery of new music’s is possible with Pandora. We can also access bookmarks on Pandora. – PANDORA

# Dogster

It is a website which proves that social network is not only for humans. This website is specially designed or dog lovers. We have information about hoe to breed a dog, their food, health and other information’s. We can give details of our dog in this website y creating an account. The dog lovers get more information through this website. – DOGSTER

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Infinite OZ

Infinite OZ is a  website with collection of interactive animations. This site gives us idea about  how to make animation more creatively.It explores its idea to outer zone(OZ).  – INFINITE OZ

# I Waste So Much Time

If we sit idle for a while and don’t know what to do in boring time, it is best to visit this website. This site provides us funny pictures and videos which makes us to get relief from our stress. Simply by giving I waste so much time we can enter into this site. The pictures and videos are not technical oriented it is full of fun videos. No need of special signups for using this site. Three buttons are there “what the what”, “awesome” , “boring” , According to our wish, we can visit interesting pages. – I WASTE TO MUCH TIME 

# Cowbird

Some of them likes to hear stories if they get bored and some may like to read stories. Nowadays it is possible to read stories through social networks. Still we have confusion in selecting stories. This is the website which gives us more interesting stories. The make the story and display it as text, pictures, sounds etc…, instead of releasing it as a video. This site gives more useful information. – COWBIRD

# Loudlee

Mostly if we get bored, we prefer to hear songs. YouTube is mostly used by all. This site provides songs equal to YouTube. Here we can choose songs according to artists. If we choose any artists name it displays the whole album. The list of artists is displayed in library.  We can create an account, and then automatically the songs from our favourite artist are loaded in our account. We can avoid unwanted videos, songs…It is possible to share our views with our friends through Facebook. There is no restriction to use this site. – LOUDLEE


woot website - visit when you are bored

# Woot

Woot is a wholesaler website, which lists many products to sale. Amazon buys this website. This site lists daily one product with discount. It is mainly to purchase electronic products. And also all items are available in this site. Many sites are available like shirt- woot, wine- woot, moofi-woot, home-woot, etc… – WOOT

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