HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018! Here is the best collection of New Year wallpaper for the year 2018. These wallpaper collection for both Android and iOS variants. It’s time to update and spread your wishes to your friends for this new year 2018. Download these apps and wallpaper collection for your new year wish and live wallpaper to your phone.

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New Year Wallpaper Image Collection:


This website is especially for new year wallpaper collection. Here we can download HD New Year Wallpapers and Quotes and make use of it.  All the image right belongs to HappyNewYear2018x and whoever it may concern. Download the source link mentioned below to change or spread the new year 2018 wishes in the form of digital wallpaper.

Source: HappyNewYear2018x


#BestQuotes – New Year Wallpaper 2018

This website has an amazing collection of New year wallpaper 2018 with HD version. It can directly use to fit all iOS phones and Android phones and make with spreading new year wish to your friends for this new year 2018. This website has the amazing collection of wallpapers for all your season needs and wallpaper wishes.   Never forget to download here – New year wallpaper 2018 from best quotes source is at here.

Source:  Best Quotes – New year wallpaper 2018

#123Newyear – Happy New Year Wallpaper 2018

This website has the many collections of all about the new year. Rightly form Wallpaper to all your phones, Quotes for the new year 2018, poem for the new year 2018, types of resolution you can take for the new year 2018, cards for the new year 2018, songs for the new year 2018 and ideas for new year evening. Get these features from the website and spread your new year wishes to your friends and loved once.

Source:  123Newyear – Happy new year wallpaper 2018

Source:  123Newyear – Happy new year message 2018

Source: 123Newyear – Happy new year cards 2018

Source: 123Newyear – Happy new year song 2018

Source: 123Newyear – Happy new year resolutions 2018


#Webneel – 60 Beautiful 2018 New Year Wallpaper for Desktop

This website has a mind-blowing desktop new year 2018 stock image collection. It greatly fits your screen on any resolution either mac or windows it fits perfectly. Download these new year 2018 stock images to your desktop and work on it and use as new year wallpaper directly to your desktop screen. These wallpaper will give an improper fit to your mobiles because of screen resolutions –  try only with the desktop. These 2018 new year stock images are HD and great looking. Try these wallpaper for desktop and wish your friends a happy new year.

Source: Webneel – 60 Beautiful 2018 New Year Wallpaper For Desktop

#Inewyearwishes -Happy New Year Wallpaper

In this website the wallpaper fits amazing for both desktop and mobile – actually to say it is responsive wallpapers for this new year. This wallpaper gives a live feel for this new year 2k18. Download these special wallpaper to use it for New year celebration and social media posts. If you see downloads for new year wallpaper will drastically increase during a new year week – these websites will help in those ways to get new year wallpaper hands on.

Source:  inewyearwishes -Happy New Year wallpaper

#Happynewyear2018 – Newyear HD Wallpaper

In this website, the images are very classy and good looking one highly recommended to use it for this new year. The live theme and image make appealing one, Download HD and 3D wallpaper new year images to your ios and android phones. The image copywrites are belong to respective individuals and don’t forget to get new year quotes fro these websites

Source: happynewyear2018 – Newyear HD Wallpaper

#NewyearQuotesms – New Year HD Wallpaper

Newyearquotesms is one among good website to get the download for New Year wallpaper’s for 2018, the images are really awesome to way to download new HD wallpapers for this new year 2018. Try to use images like these mentioned below – to get an awesome image for your new year celebration and you can forward it to friends for this New year. Images used are in an HD way to make you feel a good and appear good on a phone. Get these wallpaper from this source mentioned below

Source: NewyearQuotesms – New Year HD wallpaper

#Pinterest – NewYear Collection

Above section, we have seen about PIcture gallery for downloading wallpapers for the new year 2018, Here Pinterest collection for wallpapers 2018. Pinterest is a one among the largest collection of images source – where it merely works with Infographics and driving traffic to your websites by placing eye capture images as the means on infographics or how to solve related. Where ever the websites dealing with images where it will be mostly Pinterest images because of its free source and easy to use. Creating pins is very easy and uploading pictures as like the same. In one bunch various stock images can be downloaded with options.

Happy new year Pinterest collection – 1

Happy new year Pinterest collection – 2


New Year Wallpaper App Collection:

#Zedge –

Wallpaper for New year 2018

Zedge is the most trusted app all season wallpapers, ringtones, and games. It helps to download the wallpaper from an app version and now the new year 2018 wallpaper is trending on Zedge. Get them now for iOS and Android. This App provides a one-stop solution for all your wallpaper problems, grab now. This is very way to download wallpaper and it is updated frequently to change your iOS wallpaper frequently and get amaze feeling. Wallpaper downloaded from zedge fits conformity to your lock screen and home screen. Wallpaper/ images are categories to easy user controls. It just requires 100Mb for this App and you have millions of wallpaper inside this, this is a complete package for your iOS wallpapers. On other hand as it comes to android the features are will be the same and it requires very less space for this installation.


Zedge – Ios Download

Zedge – Android Download


For Android: Live New Year Wallpaper

Here is the new Android App for new year firework (New year fireworks live wallpaper for Android). There are about 100’s of wallpaper varients which can be customizable with colors and styles.  This wallpaper is totally live at your background screen, that looks great on the day of new year with wow effect on your Android Phone.

Download here

For Android: Live New Year Wallpaper

This App gives an amazing feeling to have wallpaper on your background for the new year day. The wallpaper fits in with Live mode running background on your screen. Many categories are available for customization – touch your screen to get firework and just play with it. Choose the wallpaper and style from the list of categories.

Download here

For iOS: New Year Live Wallpaper

This App is specially designed for iOS devices and you celebrate new year with app till 2020!. This App has continuous updates and ton’s of wallpaper in can keep on updating it till 2020. The wallpaper provides the app is almost HD and easy to navigate.  Download and share wallpaper from this app for this new year – it saves times by having a ton of wallpaper collection instead searching for wallpaper’s on google – this is a great find for seasonal wallpapers.

Download here

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