Do you think your old smartphone or a tablet as useless?  It’s time to change your thought. If you’re smart phone has more issues like low battery, scratched display screen or few other faults. You will mostly have an idea to resale that mobile. But it will be sold at a low cost which will not give you more benefit.

cctv surveillance camera in use

You can make use of your old mobile phones in a better way to have well sophisticated life. The best way to use your old smart phones and tablet is making that into a security camera in your home, office, outside your home etc.

There are many apps to make your old smartphone as your security camera.


  • First app is “Free Internet Cam”. You can download and install this app in your old Android phone or IOS or Symbian devices. Soon this app will also support Windows Mobile and Blackberry OS.
  • To access this app, you should have a Google account. It will ask for your Google account, and then you have to enter your Google username and password.     
  • Then it will open a new page, in that we will have TWO options (i) Camera (ii) Viewer.
  • After choosing the camera option and then select next button then you must be connected with a wireless internet or 2G, 3G connection of your sim card
  • Then you should create another Google account in a device in which you want to view the targeted place like PC, tablet or another smartphone.
  • After all these steps it will start to work.
  • You can make control of all the settings in your camera phone remotely.
  • The major disadvantage is
  • Consume more power.
  • Waste of internet bandwidth.
  • The device will get heated. Download Free internet cam to your smartphone.



  • Instead of using WI-FI, 2G, 3G services we can use Skype – web of cam.
  • Just simply install Skype in both the devices, create different account in camera and viewing device.
  • Then add the contact details of the viewing device’s account into your contact of camera device.
  • Using this you also hear sounds and you can also take screenshot.
  • To access the camera just make a call then you can adjust the settings of the camera.



  • You can also use the smartphone as camera without having wired or wireless connections.
  • For this you have to use an app called ‘Wi-Fi Camera’ fro android.
  • This helps to make your phone to behave as a wireless IP camera.
  • If you’re smart phone or laptop or tablet is being connected with the same wireless system you can use them to view the image, videos.
  • This kind of app is used mainly in local networks.

Steps to use:

  • First of all you have to download the IP Webcam App from the play store you have to install in your phone.
  • Once your download has been completed, open that app, it will ask for configuration and location. At the bottom of your screen you can see the button as “start server”, just click it.
  • Then the app will make the camera to ON and then it will begin to take videos.
  •  And the bottom of your phone, there will be an IP address. Then in web browser address bar enter the IP address. Download IP webcam here

It will work on both Firefox and Google chrome without any struggle. By using another device as a third party you can able to setup the video while running, full screen mode, save option. The android version from 1.6 will support this IP WEB CAM app and you can use it in your old mobiles also.

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