10 video calling apps to connect you family and friends for this new year 2018 


“Christmas is celebrated for the birth of Jesus. The last month of the year celebration day is Christmas celebrated on the 25th December. Now a day Christmas is the time of the year spent for our friends and family, but when you cant spent the time with your friends and families. This new tech app will help you, In particular type of video calling apps”.

In that, Here we have  listed  best video call apps for this new year to celebrate with your family members, out there to help you to stay connect with them. Most of the mobiles that support iOS and Android devices. Each one offers its own positives and negatives, Whether it support for group calling allowing video calls over 3G/4G.


# Skype:

Skype is a Social network , it allows only registered users to communicate through the Video calls and messaging. Most of us having Skype account and the services available on every laptops and their platform. Skype’s video quality to be very high, though there redial improvements on the quality immeasurably. DOWNLOAD SKYPE FOR MOBILE PHONES  (ANDROID)

Skype is default app for the smart phone, So the mobile app is a bit cumbersome, but still another way to connect.It supports calls on wifi as well as 3G/4G, and works on range of platforms.

# Face Time :

If you own an iPhone, iPad or Mac then Facetime is an very easiest way to catch up the video chat. Then it is easy to start the video chat.  It allows only one person to chat with other person. It doesn’t allow multiple persons to chats, but audio and a video is normally easy and good. HOW TO USE FACE-TIME APP

Lack of support for other platforms and it has no web client- and limits the services tough. Simple to use and it has a good quality calls.


# Spin:

A new app was launched this year, that is Spin. It is used to take a different position on the video chat with the maximum members of 10 persons. It allowing us to Share the images, videos and so on.

It has a several effects to add a bit of fun videos, but it is also very interesting because of its Touch based system. In which lets you increase a person’s volume by expand their avatar. It is very limited to their iPhone and iPad users at this time. It supports the chat group up to 10 members DOWNLOAD SPIN FOR IOS PHONES

google hangouts for video talk to your friends

# Hangouts:

Google introduced a video messaging service has steadily with the new features of the year. It includes the SMS support-Video hangouts. Hangouts present in the iOS, Android. It doesn’t work without net connection. The hangouts is available on enough platforms to be interested to the families and friends wanting to connect with their web presence. Still it has a complication in the hangouts. DOWNLOAD  HANGOUT FOR IOS PHONES


# ooVoo

A mobile is an interesting video chat app for an iPad, iPhone, and also Android. In ooVoo we can do video chat up to 12 members(people) using a four way display. It is also a touch based system, that lets you tap on your friend’s avatars to make a video call. DOWNLOAD OOVOO FOR ANDROID PHONES & IOS PHONES

The first important thing is the app supported by ads, unless you need to pay an $30 per year or $3 per month for only the premium version. Initial version that includes advertising. It is not well known for all. So you need to get friends to Download it.


Fring is one of the oldest messaging application and also used for video calling between four persons. It is also offers mobile Web apps, iOS, Symbian and Android.

This service can be integrated with the apps called skype, face time and so on. Skypeout-Style cheap is an one of the interesting international calling from your mobile. It supports free group calling and video calling system. It doesn’t available for desktop.

# Vonage Mobile:

Vonage is one of the video chat app for low cost international calling service like Fring. It is also supported in  Android apps and iOS that allows video calls between them.

The apps is also used for video messages, video calls like face time. It doesn’t support any group calls, no desktop features.

# Line app:

Line is a new chat app for the video calling between the registered users. The quality of the line app is very good when it is compared with the skype and Facetime.  Line video calls very useful because you can see your loved ones. It uses free text chatting , video messaging, games and stickers and more apps available. Line ensure that giving away flights to their users  for its voice call services. It is an desktop apps and available for iOS and Android phones.  It does not support group video calls. DOWNLOAD FOR SYMBIAN PHONES

banner tango

# Tango:

Tango is made for video calling app for iOS and Android also. It is a desktop app and supports  other platforms. It includes game, text messages and other things. Video calls on this app is more interactive by using the games, music and also photo sharing. It supports only the a pair of users on video calling. It doesn’t support group video calling. It has high quality and more platforms.

# We chat app:

We chat is an interesting app used by over 270 millions of people per month Most of them in china. It is offering you that free texting, photo sharing and voice messaging like Line App. But it has the video calling between the two members at some point of time.

Video quality is normally high when compared to other apps.  But Audio quality is quieter than Skype or face time. But you can choose the main photo around to make or produce the image with the larger one. It is very easy to use and good quality. It doesn’t support group video calling. DOWNLOAD WECHAT FOR ANDROID, IOS, WINDOWS MOBILE, SYMBIAN,


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