Getting more friends on Facebook makes you more joy to connect with new friends. You will feel much happy when you are connected with old friend through Facebook.  There is a million dollar questions that run around everyone.

How to connect with more friends on Facebook to increase our joy even better?   What can you do , to increase your friends circle. Its not that you need to post more or like many timeline posts, what else you need to do , to get more friends on Facebook. Simple change your cover picture and profile picture in a interesting manner. Here are some innovators who changed their Facebook cover picture in a creative manner to  increase their friend circle.

Using Facebook cover pics and profile pics in a creative manner feels like you are good attitude with center of attraction to cover audience. There are some Facebook cover picture creation tools like pagedomo , coverphotoz on online to make your cover pics in a interesting manner.


Here are some interesting cover pictures in a creative manner.

KAY INT VEEN, he used Polaroid style in Facebook cover pic , he uses his own pictures as Facebook cover pic.  This is more interesting pic which tells about him in a creative manner. visit his profile, he is been followed by 1542 people.

kay-int-veen-facebook interesting header cover image jpg

ANDREW GROJEAN , see his Facebook profile carefully. There is trick in his  cover pics , it looks like an Facebook timeline. His now cover is been change to another image. But it was one use by him 4 months ago, visit his profile he is been followed by 698 people.

andrew-grojean creative Facebook cover picture in his profile

DUSTIN THAXTON , He uses his own idea to create cover picture for his Facebook profile. The cover picture represents his date of birth and attitude toward life. Now he is using anther cover pics it is been updated a year ago.visit his profile he is been followed by 39 people.

dustin-thaxton own creative Facebook cover picture to represent about  him

OLIVER ALEXANDER, he used his Facebook cover picture in a quite creative manner. He is ready to see his Facebook cover picture for an advertisement by “click for an advertisement if interested poke here” message on cover picture.visit his profile he is been followed by 372 people.

click for an advertisement if interested poke here  -oliver-alexander facebook cover picture with message

FABIO MARAVILLA, He is using mirror effect picture in picture mode in his cover picture of Facebook. He is been using this cover picture for an year ago. He is been friend with 275 people, visit the profile.

fabio-maravilla facebook picture in a mirror effect mode - picture in picture effect

MANOJ VARGHESE MATHEW, He make his Facebook timeline cover picture in a more creative manner with lots of emotions on it filled the whole area with creativity. Visit his profile, He is been followed by 2076 people.

Feeling less creative? Just draw what you can think of, and it will become a creative cover! -manoj-varghese-mathew

JEROME VADON, This will be beautiful way to introduce himself with new style of  fonts in his Facebook cover picture. He is been followed by 11700 people, carrying his news feed to their profile. visit the profile.


NAGARAJ VIJAYARANGAN, He is more creative designer hope so, placing QR cod in his Facebook cover picture and with creative design of wales and nagaraj in cover picture. He update his Facebook profile more often  visit his Facebook profile. He gives me an better idea of placing QR code in my facebook cover picture to promote my website (

nagaraj-vijayarangan Facebook cover picture in a more inspiration manner nagaraj-vijayarangan Facebook cover picture in a more inspiration manner

MOHAMMAD L.AZZAM, placed more creative Facebook cover pictures where integrating profile and cover picture gives the story, the cover picture is messaged with ” stay foolish stay hunger”. He does it in a more creative manner , Where this is an old cover pic. Now the current Facebook cover picture is (he is been with billgates). He is followed by 3,500 people (carry his news feed to his/her circle). Visit his profile.

stay hunry stay foolish - facebook cover picture

HUGH BRISS, He carry his Facebook cover picture in a beach side image with text on it, saying saying about him what he is doing and about his social media page. He uses nice creativity for his Facebook cover picture. Visit his profile.

hugh briss - cocial - facebook cover images wiht a nice quality of creativity

 create your own creative Facebook cover pics and make audience to follow you in thousands. You can also LIKE TECHMAZA PAGE ON FACEBOOK.

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