Phonotto App for seniors Indians to use their smartphones as simple phones

Mobile is the one of the device that is widely used for communication between people. Nowadays technology has been developed in electronic gadgets to make our work simple. Especially in mobiles , the technology has improved a lot that we can interact with people, far away through video Conferencing or Skype or do chat with friends via wechat, Whatsapp, Hike etc. These are the drastic improvements that we can found in smartphones.


But the old ages(senior indians) and people who don’t want those technologies to be in their smartphone can use this Phonotto app for the basic need of user. By using this app  they can make or receive calls and text messages in a simpler manner with their smart phones. Here is the snapshot showing the interface of  phonotto app for messaging and calling. 

Phonotto App for seniors to use smartphones as simple phones-1 Phonotto App for seniors to use smartphones as simple phones-1

Once you download the phonotto app from the Google play store you can install and use it very easily. This Phonotto app provides a user interface with features which have large buttons and bigger font size for easy calling and texting .  Large home screens are available with this app for the usage of seniors, so that they can use the smartphone effectively, same as we use in normal phone. And if they want to make speed dial to important number , they can use the  Quick-dial buttons which is integrated with this app the main concept of this app is to make smartphone as simple in usage( neglecting non mandatory settings ) in smart phones with big numbers.

After installing it gets started and then you can access the contacts while using this App. Once it has been installed no need of net connection for the smart phone. While old people using the smartphone they feel inferior because of the vast features and its complexity this is made(thought) astonished by using this application in your smartphone . Here is an youtube video by Tech Barrack Solutions

But this Phonotto App provides user friendly environment so they will get enthusiastic and use smartphones with normal mobile environment. The Phonotto App is free for use with basic version. Additional functionalities is extended in the pro version. If you have any more questions[FAQ] contact this page.

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