run whatsapp for lifetime with zero cost

Methods to get WhatsApp for lifetime:

As we all know WhatsApp is the fastest messaging platform, it also used to share photos etc., We can use this app to interact with our friends or relatives with their contact number stored in their phones. Like Facebook , We can form groups among our friends circle to have group chats or to share photos only with the people in that group. The location can be shared with your friend/groups.

WhatsApp has been downloaded by millions of users and apart from text messages it also allows sending of audio messages and video messages. This is the effective chat application that is used by people who want to chat with all their friends in their contact.


But this app can be used free for only a year. If you want to use this app further, you want to pay for it, probably $0.99 for each year in Android. You have to pay money for most of the higher phones like iphone , black berry and so on, for the first year itself.

In order to use WhatsApp as a lifetime app, we can do one of  the three following methods yo own whatsapp for you as lifetime.


In this method we need a mobile with Android OS, Any iOS devices and WhatsApp that is to be installed on both the devices.


  • Install WhatsApp on both the devices(Android and IOS).
  • Delete or uninstall WhatsApp from the android device and iOS device.
  • Download WhatsApp on your iOS device.
  • Install WhatsApp and check whether it has 10 years subscription .
  • Verify it with your android device number.
  • Delete WhatsApp in iOS device.
  • Then download the WhatsApp for android device or black berry etc..,


In this second method, we need -android device, Gmail to be installed and WhatsApp on the android device.


  • After the completion of the trial period, uninstall the WhatsApp.
  • Go to newly installed Gmail and create new Gmail ID.
  • Next go to Google play store.
  • Press the settings icon and go to account setting option.
  • Replace the older Gmail ID with new one.
  • Sign into the WhatsApp account.
  • After every year, you will  have to apply this method again.


 In this third method, we need -Android device and WhatsApp installed in that device.


  • Sign into your WhatsApp account.
  • Now click “Settings” then go to “Account settings”.
  • Choose delete my account option and it will ask for your phone number.
  • Enter your number and delete your account.
  • Refresh your settings and create new account for WhatsApp as we do in previous steps.
  • Go to settings and check the expiry date of the new WhatsApp.
  • You can see the extended validity of your WhatsApp in your mobile device.

In case of any new methods please know us through comments.


How To Extend Whatsapp Free Trial After a Year (2014)

Launch your whatsapp.
Press Option > Settings
Account > Change Number

Press Next and Enter your Old Number in first box, then New Number in second box then continue. It will require verification of the new number, make sure your phone is switched ON!

After changing number, Now perform the steps again and change back to your main whatsapp number.


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